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Authors: Riona_writes2455

Genre: New Adult

Update: 19-08-2022

Status: Completed

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Azalea Martinez is the head of the IT Department at Marc Technologies and a skilled hacker. She might seem like an average 24-year-old on the surface, turns out she is nothing but. After the death of her parents, she learned that she has a brother, and is now determined to find him.

To the ordinary people in New Orleans, Dante Romano is the CEO of Romano Industries. To the people of the underground world, he is the Don of the Italian Mafia. Dante is said to be ruthless, and arrogant; he has never let anyone break his walls down after he became the Don at a young age.

What happens when they cross paths with each other? Will Azalea be able to bring his walls down? Will fate bring them closer?

Read more to find out...😊

DISCLAIMER!: The image used for the cover and the other images in the book do NOT belong to me. I only own the editing. The credit goes to the respective owner(s).

Feedback from readers:
1. "I read it all in three hours. you're absurdly talented"
2. "I'm not sure which compliment I should give, there are just too many I want to give :)
*insert best compliment ever*"
3. "this book was so good. I loose interest quickly but the fact I was engaged speaks volumes. please keep writing more books you have a talent!!!"
4. "I have no words on how to describe how amazing this story is, if anyone want to read it don't look at the comments first, read it, actions speak louder then words."
5. "OMG! This is one of the best book I've read. I love the book. I hope there will be a second book to it!"



Hey There !


Chapter One - Stranger Danger !

Chapter Two - Meeting Her

Chapter Three - New Orleans ?

Chapter Four - First Day

Chapter Five - Lunch

Chapter Six - Don

Chapter Seven - Nikolai

Chapter Eight - Pet Skunk

Chapter Nine - Sleepover

Chapter Ten - Water Fight

Chapter Eleven - Work

Chapter Twelve - Bruising

Chapter Thirteen - Moving

Chapter Fourteen - Confession

Chapter Fifteen - Clubbing

Chapter Sixteen - Jealousy

Chapter Seventeen - Home Alone

Chapter Eighteen - Wounded

Chapter Nineteen - The Chase

Chapter Twenty - Stalker

Chapter Twenty One - Reveal

Chapter Twenty Two - Date

Chapter Twenty Three - Ignored

Chapter Twenty Four - Mac n' Cheese

Chapter Twenty Five - Shopping

Chapter Twenty Six - Movie Night

Chapter Twenty Seven - Attack

Chapter Twenty Eight - Black Rose

Chapter Twenty Nine - Midnight Dinner

Chapter Thirty - Training

Chapter Thirty One - Planning

Chapter Thirty Two - The Ball

Chapter Thirty Three - Mission

Chapter Thirty Four - New House

Chapter Thirty Five - Cookies

Chapter Thirty Six - Man

Chapter Thirty Seven - Firsts

Chapter Thirty Eight - Safe

Chapter Thirty Nine - Advice

Chapter Forty - Call

Chapter Forty One - Kidnapped

Chapter Forty Two - Betray

Chapter Forty Three - The Search

Chapter Forty Four - Truth

Chapter Forty Five - Escape

Chapter Forty Six - Stitches

Chapter Forty Seven - Familiar

Chapter Forty Eight - Afraid

Chapter Forty Nine - Hacked

Chapter Fifty - Trap

Chapter Fifty One - Parcel

Chapter Fifty Two - Decipher

Chapter Fifty Three - Brother

Chapter Fifty Four - Relationship

Chapter Fifty Five - Death

Chapter Fifty Six - Family

Chapter Fifty Seven - Love

Chapter Fifty Eight - It's Her

Chapter Fifty Nine - My Star

Chapter Sixty - Mr. & Mrs. Romano

Bonus Chapter # 1

Bonus Chapter # 2

Author's Note