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Authors: eleen_flower

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 28-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Wang Yibo, leader of a mafia triad. He often kills to get rid of boredom. Just like this, he got himself inside a jail for a single night. And he had to admit, it was his lucky night.

Because he met a cute and innocent boy named Xiao Zhan. About Xiao Zhan , he works as a secret agent. And what secret agents do? They take over the most serious and risky missions on their shoulder to carry on.

That's how Xiao Zhan got himself involved with Wang Yibo, the most feared criminal.

After limitless fights, hurting each other and heartbreaks, in the end one sentence still remains there, totally unfazed,
"We are not on the same side."

"Give up. Submit to me."

"Destroy me, your threat. Completely." With a smile, he replied.

First wrote this in 2020 , yes its an imagination of a child
haha. I'm rewriting.
■started :18 Nov 2022

● Grammatical errors, please don't mind them.
● I can't promise a perfect ending. If it's not a perfect ending
I'll consider updating the extras.
● It's a YIZHAN story.