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Read Colby Brock is my What? 2.0 -

Colby Brock is my What? 2.0

Authors: nsece21

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 13-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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This is a cleaner version of my book "Colby Brock is my What?"

Athena Simons is just a normal boring teenage girl... or so she thought. At the age of 19, Athena is in her second year of college, and is still completely obsessed with a specific group of youtubers. She has yet to meet them, but her moment isn't far.

Colby Brock is a goofy, handsome, amazing youtuber. Along side with his best friend Sam Golbach, they have been posting on social media since the year of 2014. They started by posting videos on the app Vine. After, they passed to youtube and their fan base have been growing nonstop. But what most don't know about this dynamic duo is that, they are werewolves.

Yes, you read it right, werewolves, as in half human half wolf. Not only that but Colby is also the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack.

In a fortunate cross of paths, this two met. Athena's life is about to turn upside down, and Colby is the cause of it. Will they be able to handle all the things thrown at them? Or will it all take a turn for the bad?