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Authors: Adriannafrancis16

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 27-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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#Book 1 in the series.

Being from a family with a terrible reputation can be haunting and stigmatizing. Kylo-Nuri could testify to that. Being the center of everyone's hatred just because of the terror inflicted by one person could be very unfair and damaging to one's mental health. Dark and brooding is what he had become in the past few years and nothing could ever change it.

Till she shows up and turns his destabilized life upside down. Shocked, overwhelmed and outraged by how easily she's creeping into his life, Kylo has just one question,

Does happiness truly exist? Or is it just a façade waiting to blow up with time?

A/N: This is strictly my work of art, do not copy. I reserve full rights to this book. Also, do read the book one first. The sequel cannot be read as a stand alone.

The sequel "Aftermath", is coming soon.

#1 in Emotional.

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