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BTS Yandere X Reader Oneshot

Authors: Levi_the_Envy

Genre: Diverse Lit

Update: 15-09-2021

Status: Ongoing

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Falling for someone is normal all people do that when you fall in love to him/her but when him/her but its not easy when you fall someone when you can't stop your feelings to him/her its became love obsession and if you see your love ones with Someone you can't keep your jealous so you can kill people because of your love obsession to him/her its not easy falling for someone you can't control your self and your love to her and Uhtil became a Dark Obsession...

What if someone fall for you but you dont know hes insane to you and very Obsessed to you but you dont know who's that person very obsessed to you,you better know that....because falling for someone its Not easy...