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BTS Sickfics

Authors: moonchild_hobi

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 22-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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some of these stories may be triggering, and will be graphic. please read at your own discretion.

covering subjects that others may not, just ask


Hoseok Has A Seizure

Jimin has an Asthma Attack

Yoongi Faints

Taehyung Breaks His Arm

Jungkook's Night Terrors

Namjoon Gets Knocked Down (Pt 1)

Seokjin Drowns

Jimin has a Diabetic Emergency

Taehyung Gets Shot

Hoseok Drowns

The Car Crash (+A/N)

Seokjin's OCD

Jungkook Goes Missing

Namjoon Gets Knocked Down (Pt 2)

Hoseok's Epilepsy: The Diagnosis

Namjoon is Overworked

Yoongi's Anaphylactic Reaction

Taehyung and Jungkook's Fight

Jimin's Head Injury

Yoongi Has Heat Exhaustion

Seokjin Breaks His Leg (+A/N)

Hoseok's Epilepsy: It's Not the Same

Taehyung Has Chest Pain

Yoongi, What's Wrong With Jungkook?

Namjoon Has Appendicitis

Jimin Faints at the Awards Show

Yoongi's Nightmares

Seokjin: Back in Time

Hoseok's Epilepsy: Jimin?

Taehyung Falls

Jungkook and Hoseok Get Poisoned

Namjoon's Motion Sickness

Jimin's Dislocated Shoulder

Yoongi Gets Stabbed

Seokjin Has the Flu

Hoseok's Roller Coaster Accident

Taehyung's Depression

Jungkook's Spinal Injury

The House Fire

Namjoon's Psoriasis

Jimin's Asthma (Pt 2)

Yoongi and Hoseok Get Seasick

Seokjin Has a Heart Attack

Hoseok's Epilepsy: I Can't Cope Anymore

Taehyung Hurts Jimin

Jungkook's Tooth Pain

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Namjoon's Concussion

Jimin's Memory Loss

Yoongi: I Wish I Could Be Sick

Seokjin's Nevis Swing Accident

Hoseok's Epilepsy: Hoping For Better Days (+A/N)

Taehyung's COPD

Jungkook's Asthma

House Sickness

Namjoon: Sleepwalking

Jimin: Sepsis

Yoongi Gets Electrocuted

Seokjin: Back in Time 2

Hoseok's ADHD

Taehyung Breaks His Leg at the Concert

Jungkook's Allergic Reaction

The Elevator Incident

Namjoon's Heart Block

Jimin: Kidnapped

Yoongi: Self Harm

Seokjin's Peritonitis

Hoseok's PTSD

Taehyung's Alcohol Poisoning

Jungkook: Broken Rib


Namjoon's Abuse

Jimin: Wisdom Teeth

Yoongi's Eye Injury

Seokjin: Ignored Sickness

Hoseok's Epilepsy: Fever (+A/N)

Taehyung: Schizophrenia

Jungkook: Panic Attack


Namjoon: Faking Illness

Jimin: Snapping Hip Syndrome

Yoongi: Thyroid Storm

Seokjin: Delirious

Hoseok: Kidney Stone

Taehyung: Alone With a Head Injury (+A/N)

Jungkook: Falling Euphoria

The Abandoned Building

Namjoon: Freezing

Jimin: Encephalitis

Yoongi: Nosebleed

Seokjin: Broken Collar Bone

Hoseok: Overworked

Taehyung: Migraine (+A/N)

Jungkook's Spinal Injury: The Recovery

Namjoon: Lost Voice

Jimin: Coughing Blood (+A/N)

Yoongi and Jimin: A Bad Day

Seokjin: Kidney Infection

Hoseok: Thalassaemia

Taehyung: Idol VS Stage Floor

Namjoon: Spiked

Seokjin: Autophobia

Jimin: Poisoning

Yoongi: Energy Drinks Are No Fun

Taehyung: Loss

Hoseok's Epilepsy: Burnt Out

Jungkook: Tourette Syndrome

Namjoon: Meningitis (+A/N)

BTS: Basic First Aid

Seokjin: Snake Bite (+Surprise!)

Jimin: CRPS

Yoongi: The Bear Trap

Taehyung: Accused

Hoseok: The Stem Cell Transplant (Thalassaemia Pt.2)

Jungkook: Cystic Fibrosis (+A/N)

Namjoon: Exit Stage Floor

The Aeroplane Crash

Seokjin: Shock

Jimin: Broken Jaw

Yoongi: Salmonellosis (+A/N)

Taehyung: Haemophilia (+A/N)

Hoseok: Hearing Loss

Jungkook: E. Coli

Namjoon: Overdose


Seokjin: Stalker

Jimin: Scarlet Fever

Yoongi: Trapped Balls

Taehyung: Lupus

Hoseok: Dengue Virus

Jungkook: Cardiac Tamponade

Namjoon: Struck by Lightning

Hyung Line: Run BTS

Seokjin: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Jimin: Stroke