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Authors: Saturn-Writer-1977

Genre: Diverse Lit

Update: 25-05-2023

Status: Completed

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"Go ahead and be mad at me, but when you, someone I care about is at risk, even the slightest bit of danger, I'm going to do and say whatever I want to protect you. I rather have you safe and hating me than hurt and being okay with me."

When fifteen-year-old Arabella Diaz tries to protect herself from her abusive mother, she decides to confront the issue from the source. Little did she know the "issue" will be her savior and only chance of happiness.

WARNING: Story contains strong language and abusive and depressing scenes, possibly a trigger for some.

"i genuinely loved this book, it was so wholesome !! i
loved how their father-daughter relationship progressed
!! & i am so proud of them both !! i love them so much

"This was such a satisfying read. Thanks for sharing the
story of Arabella and Tobias"

"Absolutely loved this book definitely going to the same
reading list as your other book, I can't wait to see your
future work as well"

"This book is so underrated"

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