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Bound By Love

Authors: godbetterloveme

Genre: Thriller

Update: 08-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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"tell me adriana. you want sex or you want to be fucked?" he asks me and i chant his name in my mind again and again.

"answer me" his tone more demanding this time.

"i want to be fucked" sentence leaves my mouth almost as a whisper and a smile pulls up on his lips.

"that's what I thought" he smirks at me and tears my shorts in one tug.
"you look like a fucking goddess" he says before leaning in and pressing a kiss on my collar bone since my shoulder is covered.

he always kisses me there.

"why do you always kiss me there?" i ask him entwining our fingers and he pulls away with a smile.

"since you're still not ready to let me in your heart that spot is the closest to your i kiss you there because i feel there is still hope that you might fall for me"
Excerpts from the chapters.;)
Character details:

Adriana bianchi is the daughter of joseph bianchi who is the leader of Italian mafia group. she is a headstrong girl who grew up watching men die in front of her. she doesn't like being bosses around and she's yet to marry the person she despises.the family she hates. the heir of the Russian mafia who is as ruthless as he seems.

Aiden volkov us the heir of the Italian mafia who doesn't speak more than required. his silence comes with his ruthlessness. and he's getting married to a mafia princess who cannot shut her mouth. he's been in love with her when they met 13 years ago.

story revolving two strong headed people revolving truths, lies also secrets that might break hearts.
join them in their journey and let me know how you like it;)
And dw there will be smut. In detail though