ReadBond... - A Wattpad Lovestory (5 Shots + Epilogue) - (COMPLETED) | vpsisthename20

Read Bond... - A Wattpad Lovestory (5 Shots + Epilogue) - (COMPLETED) -

Bond... - A Wattpad Lovestory (5 Shots + Epilogue) - (COMPLETED)

Authors: vpsisthename20

Genre: New Adult

Update: 09-01-2022

Status: Completed

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Saiyoni Rathore Princess of Udaigadh was always an ambitious girl... loved literature and writing but never got an opportunity to show it to the world due to her conservative family. Bubbly, talkative and crazy but had to maintain her princess aura.
She felt like a bird in a cage.
But she was a little secret writer on Wattpad only known to her bestie Gehna...

Dr Samarth Singh Thakral, famous gynaecologist in Mumbai was the only son of the Thakral empire and son of Raja Vishnuvardhan Singh Thakral and Nandini Singh Thakral of Surajgarh wanted their son to settle down.
Work was his passion and books were his love...
Serious, silent, introvert...
All he needed was a cup of hot coffee and a good book to relax in evenings.

What happens when Saiyoni and Samarth are tied in a knot?
After all marriage need not always blossom love...

Can books bring two extreme individuals 'Bond'ed by Love???