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TBATE: Blessed by Mana

Authors: Duke_Aaron

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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After having successfully defeated the demon Zarged, responsible for the tragedy of the Elf tribe 500 years ago with the aid of the Magic Knights of the present era, Licht went on to help them one last time by lifting off the reincarnation spell cast on them by the demon.

He then felt his own soul departing the artificial body prepared for him and begin to fade away. He would finally be able to reunite with both Tetia and Lumiere in the afterlife.

Or that's what he thought but not every wish is fulfilled and not all stories come to and end. Sometimes even the end marks a new beginning.

(I don't own TBATE or Black Clover, nor their characters. Both of these works belong to their respected writers. All I own is the fanfiction. Enjoy reading!)

Cover by -Special thanks to @NightyXxX for this wonderful cover.