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Read big book of hazbin oneshots and scenarios -

big book of hazbin oneshots and scenarios

Authors: Lionholyboy

Genre: New Adult

Update: 14-12-2021

Status: Ongoing

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This book will be made up entirely of hazbin hotel oneshots and scenarios whether it be character X character or X reader it dose not matter. requests will always be open unless I say otherwise I'll start this book by doing some X Reader scenerios I haven't seen be done just so they exist. if you have any questions feel free to ask. Now without further adue please injoy!


because I love you to much:yandere Charlie X (fem/male) reader

my pet snake Tiffiny:lucifer X fem/male reader

my little dove: yandere vox X fem reader

In the garden:lilith X male/female angel reader

well meet again! some sunny day! yandere alastor X fem/male reader

not a punishment!.... just a lesson:yandere Lilith X (fem/male reader

let us adore you: yandere overlords X fem human reader

A spoon full of sugar makes the posion go down: Yandere Rosie X fem/male reader

in the cradles: yandere overlords X fem reader part 2

Only you:yandere lucifer X Lilith

breakfast buddies: Lucifer X fem/male reader part 2

miss me don't forget me: yandere vaggie X fem/male reader

your are my hevean: yandere Angel Lucifer X fem /male Reader

white flag angel dust X soldier reader

three green bottles standing on a wall: Alastor X alcoholic reader

some birds aren't meant to be caged: Appleradio

video Killed the radio star: yandere vox X Alastor

quick lil announcement

Radio killed the video star: yandere vox X Alastor part 2

welcome to your world: yandere overlords part 3

your loyal servant: Yandere Lilith and Lucifer X fem/male reader.

was always mine: yandere Valentino X vaggies sister Reader

Addicted: yandere Angel dust x (fem/male reader)

That would be enough: Arackniss X fem/male Reader

Roly poly: Charlie and Vaggie X (fem/male) jokster overlord reader

Marks: yandere Alastor X sir pentious

Beware the prey with fangs and claws: Alastor x fem/male rabbit reader

your loyal pet: yandere lilith and lucifer x fem/male reader part 2

my shining star : yandere reader X Lucifer

All I do is dream of you: Angel dust x soldier reader part 2

waking up to you: Alastor X fem/male rabbit reader part 2

Give yourself to me:yandere Valentino x shy fem/male reader

lovin' ain't so hard: vox X Valentino

A date at Lu Lu World: Lucifer X male/fem reader part 3

History repeats itself:Yandere Velvet X fem/male reader

Well shit im a bodygaurd now:Mafia Au Angel dust X Charlie

patience is a virtue: yandere Octavia X fem/male reader

The Angel and Demon on my shoulder:yandere Alastor and Lucifer X fem/male reader

revenge is best served cold: Stella X fem/male reader

God send: Yandere Mrs Mayberry X fem/male reader

Whipped: Niffty X fem/male reader

Simple little fascination: Yandere Baxer X fem/male reader

Feeling: Yandere Baxter x fem/male reader part 2

sharing is caring: Yandere Mange family x Fem/male reader

Dog person: yandere Lonna x fem/male reader

OC X Arackniss