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Big Bad Wolfie

Authors: AwkwardTomate

Genre: Vampire

Update: 31-12-2022

Status: Completed

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"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" I seethed.

Harper's mouth fell open. "Did he just say what I think he said?"

I blew out a huff of air through my nose in aggravation. "Yep."

All I saw was the word the dog mouthed, but in the end, that's all I needed to see to make it seem like the end of my world.

The word that made my life SO complicated from that point on was...



Maria lives in House Crimson as one of the highest ranking vampires of her house. The second, to be precise. It's not because she's fought in countless wars, or lived so many hundreds of years, or can make people bend to her will with a threatening glare. She hasn't/doesn't do any of those things. She's only 17.

Her rank might just have something to do with her [email protected] nature and undeniable knack for leadership, but who's to say for sure?

Nevertheless, she's only second to the master and mistress themselves, who also just happen to be her aunt and uncle.

Yeah... not great leaders, those two. They're cowards who abandon their house after the first signs of an invasion. Disgraceful.

Now, Maria is left to try and fix things on her own with the werewolf invaders. But of course, there will be. . . complications, along the way.





1) Why Am I Not Surprised?

2) Oh, Heck No.

3) Trouphy On Your Arm

4) Post Invasion (Navy) Blues

5) Such a Drag

6) That's Nice

7) Well, How Problematic

8) That's Cute

9) Storm Clouds

10) Loopholes Galore

11) Poking More Holes


12) Respect

13) Reasons Why

14) More Reasons Why

15) The Prisoners Are Sassy

16) Again? Really?

17) Sleeping Beauty

18) Walking Idiot

19) She Didn't Wake With a Kiss

20) What Did They Do?

21) I Slept With Him

22) A Rat's Butt

23) Stage One

24) Falling Wayyyy Down

25) Meeting The Rents

26) I Feel You Girl

27) Little Ol' Me

28) Turned Tables

29) Deadly Smiles

30) Too Much

31) Sorta Kinda Immune

32) The Tea

33) Panic! At The House

34) It's For Real

35) Plans

36) I Have Him

37) I Had Him

38) I lost Him

39) Postponed

40) You Thought

41) She Gets Around

42) Nose Goes

43) A Game For Two

44) Your Move

45) Check Mate

46) Thanks, but No Thanks

47) That Guy

48) Human Heater

49) Told You So

50) Seeing Red


52) Trust

53) Ask Around!

54) Dreams

55) Midnight

56) This Is Real

57) The Base

58) The Freaking Bridge

59) A Little Crazy

60) Stupid Questions

61) Brandon!

62) Hm, I Need That

63) He'll Be Alright

64) Marco Polo

65) Oh, He's Not Happy

66) Big Changes

67) That Was Uncomfortable

68) So, Weather...

69) Date Night

70) Story Time

71) Keep it PG

72) Explanation Time

73) It's Going Down

74) I'm Yelling Timber

75) The Sequel

76) Scared Little Girl

77) On the Move

78) No Promises

79) At Least There's No Fire -

80) I Love You

81) Risks

82) I CAN'T

83) I Have To

84) Friends With Heroes

So... Spinoff?

85) The End Of Him