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Between The Singhanias

Authors: itskritioberoi

Genre: New Adult

Update: 25-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Singhanias, a name that was looked up to and worshipped like God. They had everything and anything they ever set their eyes on. Money, power, authority and respect were just other ways of describing the family of Singhanias. For the world, the Singhanias were perfect but no one knew about the dark side of them. They were mafias and blood, gun, murder- the horrible things that everyone detested was like a game to Singhanias.

And being the daughters-in-law of this lavish, wealthy and powerful family was what many girls dreamed of in the country but for the wives of the heirs of the family was like a walking nightmare.

They were ordinary girls until the name- Singhania was lined with them which meant to deal with high-class people, paparazzi and follow strict protocols of the family and do nothing that would harm the Singhania family image.

And the worst part was to act as perfect brides of the heirs in front of the world but what if heirs of the Singhania family were adamant to destroy and shatter them to an extent knowingly or unknowingly.

One bride was ignored by her husband, one despised and one breaking slowly by her husband.

Will the daughters-in-law of the family be able to change the pride of the family or will the heirs of the family will be the reason for their death?

(P.S. The description of the story will be like a death to me. I hope the story is better than the description)