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Betrothed to the earl

Authors: imthestarr

Genre: Historical Fiction

Update: 07-10-2022

Status: Completed

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Lady Rose Hamilton

the daughter of Duke Hamilton a well-known intimidating titled man but behind that cold ice face he didn't hide to love his children, even his youngest bundle of trouble Rose. Her father hides a secret from her that determinates her whole life, being betrothed to

Earl Nicholas St. James. She heard stories of him and if hate could be portrayed then best believe his face would show up. Nicholas St. James was a man of honor and followed the steps of his well-known father, the perfect son anyone could ask for and yet betrothed to someone he can't stand, the pretty façade of hers will not fool him since he was the only man who saw the truth color behind Lady Rose. If he can't change his fate then he might as well teach the lady a thing or two, well he's certainly not alone on that cause Rose Hamilton will never obey a man not even god himself. So who between this strong willed persons will win and can they be certain their heart won't pay the price?