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Best Thing I Never Had

Authors: thegrlulook_for

Genre: New Adult

Update: 18-05-2022

Status: Ongoing

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A breed who is hated and judged by every pair of eyes and is pulled down whenever they start conquering their dreams.

Anaisha kush Virani is a hardworking hacker whose hacking license gets banned because of her rebellious nature. Well, in other words, because she is a woman. Suffering through a mental breakdown and painful trauma her life takes her entire personality and life away from her. When a secret organisation for helping all the people out there discovers the infamous rebel, society turns down, victims are saved and humanity is cherished.

She was happily married to the love of her life and life is running smoothly what could get wrong?

Nothing goes wrong. But the spark she holds leads her to bring others from the dark.

This book is strictly 16+. This book contains pornography, sexual content and drug use. The book deals with depression and anxiety. If you can't handle a dark plot then please back off. The names of the sites and organisations mentioned in this book are imaginary. I don't know any sites and organizations like this.

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