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Read {Ben Tennyson X Reader} More than Meets thy Eye -

{Ben Tennyson X Reader} More than Meets thy Eye

Authors: Vulpix_fire_paw

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-02-2018

Status: Ongoing

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By: Vulpix_fire_paw

You were a normal ten year old girl, that lived in Bellwood with her Mother, Father and your pet cat. You and your family moved to Arizona because of your dads new job.

You were leaving all your friends be hind, Gwen, Kevin, your best friend Sky and your fourth grade crush Ben Tennyson.

You stayed in Arizona for five years and on your fifteenth birthday, one of your fathers experiments went wrong and the machine burnt him to ashes. leaving be hind a family, a wife without a husband.

A daughter without a Father, but he also left be hind a necklets with a see though blue gem with a small tag next to it saying

'For {Y\N}, I Love You'

Ever since then you never took off the necklets, After a few mouths your mother decided that is best to move back to Bellwood to get a better job. And yet again your were leaving your friends.

But little did you know that a life of Adventure was heading your way.

~ I wonder what secrets this story holds, let's find out shall we?