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Read AU Sans x Reader oneshots 2(Requests closed) •~complete~• -

AU Sans x Reader oneshots 2(Requests closed) •~complete~•

Authors: ReaderReads10

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 18-05-2020

Status: Completed

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Corrupted Ink Sans x Reader: Corruption

Killer Sans x Killer Reader: Sessions

Mel Ganz x Reader: Cuddles

Nightmare Sans x Reader: I want to understand

PJ x Reader LEMON


Reaper Sans x Geno Reader


Nightmare Sans x Reader: i want to understand part 2


Echotale Sans x Female Kind Clumsy Baker Reader x Prince Echofell Sans

Ink Sans x Creator Reader: Masterpiece

NAJ Error x Reader: Proposal

Dust x reader: You do it for them

Error Sans x Soulless Reader: The Confession

JAN PJ x Nerd Reader


AU Sanses x Kind Female Baker Reader: To Much Sanses

Error Sans x Child Reader: Love

Hey guys! A/N

Goth x Reader: You promised you will never leave

Random stuff

Epictale Sans x Epic Reader: Bruh

Undertale Sans x Punny Reader: Monster and Human

AU Sanses x Female Kind Baker Reader: To Much Sanses! Part 2

Undertale Sans x Betrayed Reader: Cheating behind me

When the Fandom goes to far

Little A/N

EchoFell Sans x Shy Reader: Prince Charming?

Naj Ink x Teacher Reader: Happiness Counts

Undertale Sans x Betrayed Reader: Cheating behind me part 2

Undertale Sans x Betrayed Reader: Cheating behind me part 3

Naj ink x Teacher Reader: Happiness counts part 2

Error Sans x Error Reader: Glitch

Nightmare Sans x Dusty Reader: I hate you, I love you

Fresh Sans x Shy Reader: Radical Love

Undertale Sans x Pacifist Reader: Despite everything its still you

Undertale Sans x Betrayed Reader: Cheating behind me part 4

Echotale Sans x Hardworking Female Reader: Date


Flowerfell Sans x Blind, Flower Condition Reader: Secret Garden


Yandere Sans x Reader: ITS YOU AND ME

Sneak peak for the special oneshot

1k reads SPECIAL Fell x Classic x Ink x Protector Reader x Error: The War

Undertale Sans x Reader: Tickles

Dancetale Sans x dancer, Reader: Dance with me

Echotale Sans x Scared Reader: Storms

Yandere Sans x Reader: Level Of ViolencE

Undertale Sans x Child Reader: Nightmares

Sans x Child Reader: Nightmares part 2

Undertale Sans x Genocide Reader: Non-Pacifist

How my days going

Dancetale Sans x Depressed!Reader: Worth something

Sorry for not many oneshots

Nightmare Sans x Reader x Killer : Love Triangle

Reacting to I dislike Sashley and Scootalo loves Sans

Nightmare Sans x Reader x Killer Sans part 2: Love Triangle


Fell Palette x Reader: Isnt love the hardest thing to Ask for?

Nightmare x Cross Reader: *insert chapter title here *

Error x Puppet Reader: You kept running back to her


Yandere Sans x Reader: Love me or be Killed

Nightmare Sans x AbusedReader: Love is not Sweet

The Bad Sanses x Reader: A Horrible Play

Cross x Reader: If Multiverse had facebook

EmpireVerse Dream Sans x Flower Reader x Empireverse Nightmare

UF Sans x PMSING Reader: Crankyness

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Flowerfell Sans x Reader: The Tale (THIS IS A SNEAK PEAK)

Flower Sans x Reader: The Tale

Undertale Sans x Reader

Littletale Sans x Reader: Tag

Glitchtale Sans x Corrupted Reader: never asked

random Oneshot

Glitchtale Sans x CorruptedReader: i never asked part 2

Error x Reader: Creation and life

NAJ Palette x DepressedReader: Sad Colors

Reaper Sans x Reader: Life

Nightmare Sans x sisterReader: Dark and Bright

Rurik x DepressedReader: He Understands

Nightmare Sans x sisterReader: Nighttime part 2

Prince Undertale Sans x PrincessReader: Marriage

Prince Nightmare Sans x Reader: Love takes progress

Killer Sans x SisterReader: It hurts to feel

Vote is almost over

Undertale Sans x Reader: i'll be here

Ink Sans x WifeReader: Insert title

Nightmare Sans x DepressedReader: Hidden from Sight

Undertale Sans x Reader: Stars

Undertale Sans x InsaneReader: Dust

GZ Sans x Reader: Not a 'friendly' place to be...

Star Sans x Protector Reader: Ruthless and Controlled

Dancetale Sans x SingerReader. Does Dance and Sing mix?

Killer Sans x Reader: Not love...

Dancetale Sans x SingerReader: Does Dance and Singing mix? part 2

Undersail Sans x Mermaid Reader: Boats

Hey guys A/N

Star Sanses x Protector Reader: (forgot title) part 3

Abyss Sans x Reader: fluffy

Cross Sans x SisterReader: Home

Fell Sans x Reader: Things Change...

Ink Sans x SelfConciousReader: Not Always Perfect

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Epic Sans x EmotionlessReader: Cant feel? Your evil bs (happy ST patricks day)

Reaper Sans x PregnantReader: your gonna become a dad

AU Sanses x Asthma Reader: Breathe...

Depressed Ink x Depressed Reader: Empathy for both

Horrortale Sans x Reader: You killed my family

Undertale Sans x BracesReader: JUST BRACES???! BOI YOU DE-

Swapfell Sans x PetSlightlyAbusedReader: Not a pet

Gaster Sans x AngelReader: Alright, smile.

Fresh Sans x Reader: BROSEPHHHHH

Yandere Lust Sans x Reader: Desire

Ok guys

Nightmare Sans x Hanaki Diseased Reader: Petals. . .

Fusion Sans x FusionReader: ?STEVEN UNIVERSE...

Dust Sans x SisterReader: The Backstory

Undertale Sans x InsecureWriterReader: Not Always Great


70 followers special oneshot/ IͶK ςΔͶς X reader: sequel to 1k reads oneshot

70 followers oneshot special/ IͶK ςΔͶς X Reader: Revealed part 2

70 followers oneshot special/ IͶK ςΔͶς X Reader: End game part 3

Cross Sans x Reader: Some floof

AU Sanses x Reader: Tabletop games

Drawings #1

Epic Sans x Reader: Memes

Undertale Sans x Reader: Something to remember

Error Sans x LittleSisterReader: Little Anomaly

Drawings #2

Father Gaster Sans x ChildReader: Lazy Bones

Nightmare Sans x MotherReader x Dream Sans: Shots

Swapfell Sans x AragphobiaReader: Fear =)

AU Sanses x SickBloodThirstyInsaneReader: Mad

Dream Sans x MotherReader x Nigtmare Sans: Destined part 1

Dream Sans x SisterReader x Nightmare Sans: destined part 2

Dust Sans x Reader: Dont care

Undertale Sans x InnocentReader: Mother told me this day would come.

Littletale Sans x ChildReader: Edcaution

Undertale Sans x SoldierReader: Angel with a shotgun

Hey guys...

Nightmare Sans x ScaredReader: Puppet for a king

Vampire Gaster Sans x Reader: Hide and Seek

This happened... And this was amusing..,

I dont think they know what camping means...

Geno Sans x DepressedSickReader: This flowers already dead...

Nightmare Sans x PSMingReader: Period

Watch this is you havent seen it

Cross Sans x Reader: X1

Error Sans x CreatorReader: Anti

Undertale Y/N and Underfell Y/N: Gift for Classic

Sans x Sick Reader: Nausua and Hot Chocolate

If anyone knows cristali meme animator

Creator Y/N x Ink Sans x Destoryer Y/N: DISODJJD

Cheif Cop Reaper x EmotionlessCriminalAftertaleReader: flirtious

Nightmare Sans x ChildReader: oooOoooOooooo

Bad Sanses x AngelReader: So lazy ksucksjfksi

Just a chapie

Nightmare Sans x SisterTraumatizedReader: Dream Spirit


Undertale sans x Split personality Reader: oh sh-

Things were weird today

I feel stressed...

Ink Sans x Reader: welp-


Undertale Sans x Reader: floof (i is back)

Echotale Sans x Reader: Saving

The end

Looks back at all of this