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Authors: evhewitt

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 27-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Abigail Mastros, a sixteen-year-old girl, didn't question whether vampires existed, assuming like all others that they were only the products of books and movies... until she met Connor Blake, the child of a human gypsy and a vampire, known as a Danior. Connor, a seventeen-year-old vampire, doesn't need to feed on blood like traditional vampires and is ultimately more human than most. He takes great pride in the fact that he isn't even tempted by human blood. It isn't until he finds himself staring at an amulet that Abigail found years before, that he realizes she is the one temptation he never expected to face.

Their path unravels a centuries-old mystery that contains the secrets of the sphere crystals, a source of power that the gypsies guarded with their lives. Finding themselves intertwined in the path of the Keeper and the Guardian, Connor and Ethan Camlo, a gypsy descendant and Guardian of the crystals, must put their differences and their love for Abigail aside in order to protect the crystals from the vampires who will do anything to obtain them.