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All The Agains

Authors: zzwriterzz

Genre: Chicklit

Update: 01-10-2022

Status: Completed

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"Hey," Alkaios murmured.

I raised my head, only to be met with cold lips against mine.

My heart began hammering against my rib-cage. Loudly.

I felt Alkaios pull away. He rested his forehead against mine, grinning, eyes closed.

"I told you I'd rather be unpredictable."

Cadence Walker, a feisty nineteen year old, fresh into college, daughter of a wealthy business man. At least that's what people say when her name crosses their lips. That is all they think she is. That's all she lets people know about her. Nothing more, nothing less.

She's an enigma yet to be understood.

Alkaios Damien. A dark eyed cold soul. A twenty year old business man. Highly intellectual. Once again, that is what people say when his name interrupts their conversation. His underground boxing and Formula One racing were hidden from the outside world.

Starting his own company, against his father's made him one of the richest and hottest billionaires out there.

He's a mystery ready to be unraveled.

How do the lives of Cadence and Alkaios get tangled in between all of their misfortunes? What happens when their accidental meeting have a way of getting into each other's heads? Where does it lead them when their past has more to say than their present?