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Abused and Unloved

Authors: MyaDennis

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 09-06-2023

Status: Completed

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Jessica Cortez, a young girl abused by her mother and father- on the verge of suicide, the only thing keeping her alive and fighting is her little sister. She's forced to keep her head down and her mouth shut, but is completely thrown off when a clumsy fall leads her to argue with the wrong girl who introduces her to the right boy.

A flirtatious boy with respectable intentions but crazy ideas on executing them, might be the person to change things around.

Can he save this girl who might not have much time left? Does she have enough strength to keep herself going despite her constant pain? Will he help her stay alive or will he rush her into the irreversible decision?

**Trigger warning**
**All rights reserved**

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