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A successful man || jikook

Authors: WwWriten

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 05-10-2022

Status: Completed

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How well do we know the consequences of the truth?

The life of the busy head of a huge company is sustained by the lies he has created. Choices become more difficult and the truth fades away. He loses his identity in the evening to sit in front of his desk in the morning.

Friendship or love - will he answer this question?

Jimin is getting tired of being president. He hides from Jungkook, his longtime friend and partner, that his depression is getting worse. He longs to escape this life full of lies and falsehoods. He comes up with an idea that will ruin all their lives.

What's in the second part?

Forget the world of eroticism and focus your thoughts on emotions. On the little things that you can't reach right away. Close your eyes and imagine that love doesn't choose.

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