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A Spy's Romance *•Harry Potter•*

Authors: _X_Sammii_X_

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 29-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Adalynn Black is the youngest of the Black sister's. She was in her second year when Severus Snape became the potions master.

Adalynn and Severus slept together in her final year and he took her virginity. She left Hogwarts and they never spoke since.

Five years later, Adalynn is now 24. She makes a return to Hogwarts as the new astronomy professor. But she hides a secret. She has become a death eater.

Adalynn soon reveals that she's a spy for Dumbledore. Snape realises he has to keep her safe.

But can they ever make a romance work with everything going on in the wizarding world?

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