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A Second Chance to Live ✔️✔️+18

Authors: ShanayJones629

Genre: New Adult

Update: 09-08-2022

Status: Completed

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Sequel of Valerio (book cover by navyblueee)
Second book of the DeLuca series
Smut Warning 🔥🤫

"Your wear a ring so I'm guessing your married" I said as I looked at the silver band wrapped around his finger.

"My wife died" he said and pain flash between his eyes.

"Sad" I said and he looked at me

"What's your name?"


"Luna?" he said

"Luna Romano"

"Take your mask off" he said

"My mask stays Mr De Luca" I said.

Angel of death an assassin who full of my mystery and suspense. Who is this woman and what does she wants with the Italian Mafia family.

Let's find out.........

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