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A Fairytale In The Making

Authors: Vakhaha

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 22-07-2022

Status: Ongoing

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She grew up in the clutches of poverty; He was raised in the lap of luxury.

She hated nobles; He couldn't be bothered with commoners.

Her heart hidden deep in thorny vines; His one burning in his sleeves.

She was the recently orphaned flower seller; He was the newly declared heir.

She was the the lonesome new one; He was the cocky popular one.

She was quite, sweet peasant from the village; He was the spoilt brat noble from Azura.

She was Isolde Morozova with a father unknown even to herself; He was Akira Ryuuzaki with a father known to everyone.
What happens when a blessing flies Isolde over to the Academy of Azura and drops her smack dab in the middle of academy politics, mean girls and a sinister plot to overthrow the Grandmaster?

What happens when her world collides with that of the Grandmaster's son, Akira?

She realizes they were as opposites, It was classic, it was epic but not quite there yet; it was a fairytale but not quite made yet.

Cover by : @-wanderes

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