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A Crown of Broken Runes (ACOBR)

Authors: TheJadedDragonArts

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 26-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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It was another normal day. Grian worked on his base. Mumbo hopped around. Scar died. Twice.

And that's when the world broke.

Now, Grian has a terrible secret, something connected to his distant past.

He has risky encounters and even riskier adventures as the Hermits investigate what happened on that day, and try to uncover the truth behind what is happening on the server.

Mystery, intrigue, betrayal, adventure. Memories forgotten and memories made.

Because of one little decision, Grian's new story is about to take off.

REPOSTED FROM AO3!!! Read 2 chapters ahead and get extra content by viewing it over there!

Updates every week on Wednesday (12:00am GMT)/Tuesday (7:00 EST, 4:00 PST).
(Inspiration Credit: Grian, all the other Hermits, and members of Evolution SMP, who made the amazing videos for me to geek out about, Aayaptre, for inspiring me, my editor and partner in crime, UnTainted_Snail, all of the amazing artists who drew Watcher Grian, particularly Libitinawolf, _sora004/Mochii, yeepstera, and Stackofeggs/Crackin!, and last but certainly not least, thank YOU for reading this lil' ol' fanfic! I worked hard on this so don't read it all in one go, okay? Do your homework. Get some sleep. Eat. Go outside, for goodness' sake!)



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