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20 Days to Prom (Preview)

Authors: pipwusa

Genre: Horror

Update: 12-02-2022

Status: Completed

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Having unanswered questions about her past, Aubrey has grown into a bitter and distant teenager. Nevertheless, she lives her life by the rules, as her community expects a respectable young lady to behave. Until another voice in her head tells her otherwise. Before she knows it, an unwanted entity takes residence in her body. The sinister kind.

One day, she's tangled up in a weird situation and ends up agreeing to go to prom with the popular school jock. Even though she's only being used to spite the ex-girlfriend, she can't help but succumb to his charm.

Little does she know that coming to prom with him leads to the discovery of her family story. The story that has been buried under the silent water.