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[1] The Rebirth of The Malicious Empress of Military Lineage

Authors: avamelissa

Genre: New Adult

Update: 23-04-2021

Status: Completed

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Shen Miao, the Di daughter of a military lineage, pure, amiable, quiet and yielding, foolishly in love with Prince Ding, and threw herself into the role of a wife.

After assisting her husband for six years, she finally became the mother of the world (Empress).

She accompanied him to fight for the country, flourished the country's territory, took risks to become a hostage in another country. When she returned five years later, there was no place for her in the inner palace.

The beauty in his arms smiled brightly, "Older sister, the country has been stabilized, so you should retire."

Her family must be protected, the huge enmity must be avenged, the Imperial seat of the country must also be a part of the trophy. In this lifetime, let's see who can beat the others!

Author : Qian Shan Cha Ke

This book isn't mine nor the translations.
All credit goes to the rightful owner .


Chapter 1: Disposing the Empress

Chapter 2: Rebirth

Chapter 3: Provocation

Chapter 4: Old Shen Furen

Chapter 5: Tit for Tat

Chapter 6: Undercurrent

Chapter 7: Guang Wen Tang

Chapter 8: Debate

Chapter 9: Pei Xiu Cai

Chapter 10: Little Xie Marquis

Chapter 11: Xie Family's Ending

Chapter 12: Gui Momo

Chapter 13: Secretly Ganging Up

Chapter 14: Mother and Daughter

Chapter 15: Su Ming Feng

Chapter 16: Boil The Hound Once The Rabbit Is Caught

Chapter 17: Who Taught You

Chapter 18: So It Was You

Chapter 19: Young Gentleman

Chapter 20: The Residence of Marquis of Lin An

Chapter 21: Dressmaking

Chapter 22: Gold and Silver

Chapter 23: Preparations Before the Banquet

Chapter 24: Feeling of Suffocation

Chapter 25: Sneering

Chapter 26: Mesmerising

Chapter 27: Prince Yu of First Rank

Chapter 28: Bengong Has Returned

Chapter 29: Confusion

Chapter 30: Drawing Lots

Chapter 31: Don't Endure

Chapter 32: Same Group

Chapter 33: To Paint

Chapter 34: Winning

Chapter 35: Understanding

Chapter 36: Purple Clad Youth

Chapter 37: His Questioning

Chapter 38: Gifting Flowers

Chapter 39: Provoking

Chapter 40: An Era's Law Essay

Chapter 41: Servant

Chapter 42: Challenge Her

Chapter 43: Life and Death Agreement

Chapter 44: Dare to Kill

Chapter 45: My Turn

Chapter 46: Betting With Life

Chapter 47: Seeing Red

Chapter 48: The Third Arrow

Chapter 49

Chapter 50: Goading Into Action

Chapter 51: One Person Troop

Chapter 52: Sneak Attack

Chapter 53: Playing the Same Old Tricks

Chapter 54: Scheme

Chapter 55: Nauseating

Chapter 56: Secret Discussion

Chapter 57: Officer Mo Qing

Chapter 58: Bodyguard

Chapter 59: Wu Long Temple

Chapter 60: Room

Chapter 61: The Night Beneath The Raven Moon

Chapter 62: Uninvited Guest

Chapter 63: Night Encounter with Little Xie Marquis

Chapter 64: Returning to the Residence

Chapter 65: No Loss

Chapter 66: Gui Momo's Death

Chapter 67: Pregnant

Chapter 68: Changing Marriage

Chapter 69: In Captivity

Chapter 70: Birthday Celebration

Chapter 71: Setting Fire to the Ancestral Hall

Chapter 72: Getting Even

Chapter 73: Shen Qiu

Chapter 74: Variations

Chapter 75: Intended Plan

Chapter 76: Returning Banquet

Chapter 77: Reciprocate

Chapter 78: Bustling With Activity

Chapter 79: Pregnant

Chapter 80: Taking The Dark Path

Chapter 81: Bargaining

Chapter 82: Buying and Selling

Chapter 83: Extermination of the Entire Household

Chapter 84: Distrust

Chapter 85: The Day of Marriage

Chapter 86: Bloodbath

Chapter 87: Unable to Bear

Chapter 88: Soft-hearted

Chapter 89: No Route

Chapter 90: Family

Chapter 91: The Death of Shen Qing

Chapter 92: Jade Rabbit Festival

Chapter 93: Missing

Chapter 94: Ambiguity

Chapter 95: Two persons in Solitude

Chapter 96: Getting Closer

Chapter 97: Evil Sao Arrived Again

Chapter 98: Demonstration

Chapter 99: Adulterer

Chapter 100: Taking Action for Her

Chapter 101: Drunk

Chapter 102: Scandal

Chapter 103: Female Charms

Chapter 104: Homicide

Chapter 105: Pay With One's Life For Murder

Chapter 106: Separation of Family

Chapter 107: Ending The Line Of Descendants

Chapter 108: Get Lost

Chapter 109: Leaving One's Trade

Chapter 110: Subduing Pei Lang

Chapter 111: Encountering In The Palace Again

Chapter 112: Request for Commander

Chapter 113: Indirect Kiss

Chapter 114: No Trivial Hate

Chapter 115: Military Power Taken Away

Chapter 116: No Future

Chapter 117: Xie Older Brother

Chapter 118: Kiss

Chapter 119: Luo Family

Chapter 120: The Tu Jue Strikes

Chapter 121: He Died!

Chapter 122: Two Years Later

Chapter 123: Returning To The Capital

Chapter 124: Prince Rui

Chapter 125: Compelled to Compete

Chapter 126: Scare You to Death

Chapter 127: Meeting With An Old Acquaintance

Chapter 128: Guess It Out

Chapter 129: Prince Rui's Neighbour

Chapter 130: My Jiao Jiao

Chapter 131: Person Not As Good As A Tiger

Chapter 132: This Prince Help You

Chapter 133: Chang Zai Qing

Chapter 134: Invitation

Chapter 135: Nightmare

Chapter 136: Marriage

Chapter 137: This Prince Wants

Chapter 138: Snatch

Chapter 139: Heart Jumping

Chapter 140: Soon Cannot Make It

Chapter 141: He Came

Chapter 142: Forming An Alliance

Chapter 143: Requesting Help

Chapter 144: Right Hand

Chapter 145: Pastries

Chapter 146: Angry

Chapter 147: Person Who Break Flowers Off As Presents

Chapter 148: Demanding A Kiss

Chapter 149

Chapter 150: Forcing a Marriage

Chapter 151: Changing the Marriage

Chapter 152: Farce

Chapter 153: Pushing the Waves

Chapter 154: Overflowing help

Chapter 155: Returning Back

Chapter 156: Marriage

Chapter 157: Internal Strife

Chapter 158: Holding Hands

Chapter 159: The Incident Happened

Chapter 160: Imprisonment

Chapter 161: Troubled Waters

Chapter 162: Execution

Chapter 163: Suspicion

Chapter 164: Taking A Good Look

Chapter 165: Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 166: Divination

Chapter 167: Bestowing a Marriage

Chapter 168: Peach Blossoms ; romances

Chapter 169: Adoration

Chapter 170: Wrath

Chapter 171: Confronting On The Bed

Chapter 172: Trouble

Chapter 173: Exposed

Chapter 174: Feelings Moved

Chapter 175: Great Waves

Chapter 176: Black Hearted Husband and Wife

Chapter 177: Marry You

Chapter 178: Kill

Chapter 179: All Belong to You

Chapter 180: MeiFu ; younger sister's husband

Chapter 181: Convicting The Crime

Chapter 182: Bestowing Marriage

Chapter 183: Identity

Chapter 184: Betrothal Gifts

Chapter 185: Shielding One's Shortcoming

Chapter 186: Dropping A Visit

Chapter 187: Wedding Dress

Chapter 188: Rescuing

Chapter 189: Sustaining Injuries

Chapter 190: Face Off

Chapter 191: Secret

Chapter 192: Marrying Off

Chapter 193: Parting

Chapter 194: Concealing

Chapter 195: Bridal Chambers

Chapter 196: Emperor Yong Le

Chapter 197: Aristocratic Families

Chapter 198: Wives and Concubines

Chapter 199: Secret

Chapter 200: Hunting