“Stop Going Through Life With Regrets”: Female Bodybuilder With 8 Olympias, Sends Out an Important Message for Those in Need

In a world dictated by the relentless rush of time, voices that resonate with sincerity and wisdom often become the solace many seek. A female bodybuilder who has engraved her name in the annals of the bodybuilding world with the 2022 Ms. Olympia Physique title is one such voice.

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Boasting of an incredible record as an 8-time Olympia winner, and a two-time winner of the coveted Arnold Classic Championship, Natalia Abraham Coelho’s voice can be heard from the corners of the bodybuilding world to the greater reaches of life’s struggles. However, a recent Instagram photo revealed a layer beneath the medals and muscle.

Natalia Abraham Coelho: A message beyond bodybuilding


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On her Instagram, Coelho unveiled not a training regimen or a celebratory post-match picture, but a thought. She wrote, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but… Stop going through life with regrets. Pursue what you’ve always dreamed of. Take risks.” Such words, deceptively simple in their construct, challenge the very paradigms many confine themselves within.

In an age where self-doubt often overshadows ambition, where past errors paralyze future endeavors, her message is a clarion call. It beckons to a truth many recognize, but few truly internalize. Those transient doubts and fears will one day dissolve into the vastness of life’s journey.

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Embodying this ethos, Coelho’s own journey stands as a testament. Rising from the dual cultural influences of bustling New York and vibrant Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, her ascent in bodybuilding is not just a story of physical triumph but of indomitable will. Owing to her ascent in the domain, Coelho was even compared with bodybuilding great Milos Sarcev.


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A living testimony of no regrets

In a video on YouTube, elite bodybuilder Dave Palumbo drew parallels between IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev and Natalia Abraham Coelho. Comparing her grit to with the great, Palumbo said, “I gotta bring Natalia Coelho up because she might be the Milos Sarcev of women’s physique.” According to the bodybuilder, Coelho was the only Olympia winner who was competing throughout the year. “She’s got to be walking around almost year-round in shape, this girl I don’t think she gets out of shape at all,” he added.


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Coelho’s voice and physique stand out from the rest, not because it’s the loudest, but because it’s real and genuine. Her message to embrace today, to chase dreams with fervor, and to chart a life’s course free from the weight of regrets, is also how she lives her life herself. What do you think of the female bodybuilder’s message? Let us know in the comments.

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