“Stop Creating Unrealistic Expectations”: Fitness World Rubbishes Woman’s Claims of Losing 80lbs in 8 Months

Losing weight is not as easy as social media shows it to be. Even bodybuilding champions, who have won Olympias have a hard time losing their belly fat after the off-season. Achieving a lean, muscular physique requires precise diet planning, diverse workouts, and consistent effort. Even with these strategies, losing visceral fat and building a well-defined muscular body is a gradual process that takes time.

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A recent Instagram video got the fitness world thinking about how social media might lie when it comes to the time span of losing weight. Let’s see what the videos are, and why the fans were in doubt.

Woman claims to lose huge body weight in one year


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Bodybuilding.com posted an Instagram reel featuring Caylee Cooper, showcasing her one-year body transformation. At the beginning of the video, Cooper’s body is not as muscular and shredded as she desires. However, as the reel progresses, you can visibly see the changes in her physique as she gradually gains muscle.

Her quads look shredded, and she is pure muscle after one year, according to the Instagram page. According to Newsweek, Caylee Cooper used to feel insecure about her body and cellulite, but she managed to lose 80 pounds in just eight months. What’s remarkable is that she achieved this without giving up her favorite foods. Cooper shared that her weight loss journey began when a friend challenged her to a 75-day fitness challenge after previous unsuccessful attempts to shed the pounds.

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In this challenge, she had to work out twice a day and drink a gallon of water every day. She said: “For this challenge, you have to take a photo every day and read 10 pages of a self-help book as well, and if you fail, you have to restart.” Since it was a grueling task, it helped Cooper gain consistency and discipline, which ultimately helped her lose weight.

She claimed, “For me, my problem was always that I lacked consistency and discipline. I didn’t mind working out and I would always go on these diets, but I would never continue with it, I would always fall off.” Cooper is also thinking of participating in a bodybuilding competition very soon. Her consistent and slow journey towards how desired physical is shown in this video, but the fans were not convinced.


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Followers disregard the weight loss journey of Caylee Cooper

Most of the comments on this post were from people who did not believe that she lost a lot of weight just in one year, and gained incredible muscles. One follower did believe that she worked hard to lose weight, but was not ready to believe the time span. They said, “This was way longer than a year. Stop creating unrealistic expectations for people. Smh.” Another follower said, “I agree with most of the comments. Probably 2 or 3 years in a natural way..”

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A fitness enthusiast gave a detailed explanation saying, “My guess is she had been training for quite some time prior to that start of that year. Have to take that into account. Someone starting from scratch is not putting on enough muscle for that amount of definition in a single year.” Another netizen agreed with this, and wrote, “Timeline is very mistaken. Stop leading people in the wrong direction.” One person who was supportive of the transformation said, “I’m all for body transformations but all that in the space of a year, stop lying.” One individual just laughed it off and wrote, “A year😂😂.”


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Do you think she lost so much weight in just one year? Comment your thoughts below.

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