Still Trying “New Things” at 81, Bodybuilding Legend Offers a Simple Life Hack to Achieving Success: “Everything Starts in Our Mind”

In the constantly shifting fitness landscape, a handful of standout figures have made lasting marks. And, Frank Zane stands out among them. Even at the ripe age of 81, Zane’s enthusiasm and dedication to bodybuilding haven’t faded. Instead, his continuous drive, outlook, and take on life remain a source of inspiration for many.

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3 time, Mr. Olympia winner Frank Zane, recently emphasized this significant component of success through his Instagram post. At the age of eighty-one, Zane’s accomplishments are not confined to his bodily feats. They increase his mental resilience as well.

Frank Zane’s reflections on the power of mindset


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Taking to his Instagram account, Zane shared a charming throwback picture showcasing his great physique. But it wasn’t simply the image that captured the eye of heaps. It was his profound words that resonated with many. “Everything starts in your mind,”, he wrote, highlighting the powerful have an effect on our mind have on shaping our truth. His phrases echo the age-vintage awareness. “we become what we think.”. Indeed, our regular thoughts and ideals play a tremendous function in manifesting our futures.

“I have an open mind to things, I try new things, basically I do what works for me”. The bodybuilding legend’s candid admission about preserving open thoughts and continuously trying new matters even in his eighties is an inspiring reminder. Age, as it seems, hasn’t dulled his curiosity or enthusiasm. This openness to exploration is coupled along with his attempted-and-genuine practices of meditation and normal workout routines. Which he vouches work exceptional for him.

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Zane’s advice is a gentle reminder for everyone. However, success isn’t pretty much physical prowess or sheer expertise. Moreover, it’s about harnessing the power of our minds, believing in our ability, and staying adaptable. Bridging this idea to his personal experiences, we see a practical application of these principles.

Frank Zane highlights the mind-body connection in bodybuilding


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Bodybuilding legend Frank Zane has always viewed himself not just as a lifter but as an artist. Sculpting his physique through a deep connection between mind and body. In another Instagram post, Zane underscored the often-overlooked significance of meditation in a lifter’s journey. While many are hyper-focused on muscle gains and strength enhancement, Zane believes that true growth encompasses both the physical and the mental. “Building a physique goes beyond just workouts, nutrition, and rest,” he shared.

Delving deeper, Zane emphasized, “To truly tap into your peak potential in bodybuilding, it’s imperative to nurture not only the body but also the mind and emotions. Meditation serves as a powerful tool to hone the mind, and it’s integral to the holistic approach of body sculpting.”


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At eighty-one, bodybuilding legend Frank Zane exemplifies that age is, however, a number in relation to exploration and self-growth. His enduring message emphasizes the mind’s pivotal role in success. Embracing alternate, cultivating a wonderful mind-set, and believing in oneself are undying keys to unlocking one’s full capability.

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