Still Spilling ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ at 81, Bodybuilding Legend Explains Why “Superfood” Isn’t a Necessity: “I Just Follow a Balanced Diet”

Bodybuilding gives a lot of importance to food and nutrition, apart from rigorous exercising. Eating food for any veteran bodybuilder is not just for satiating their hunger, or for a craving. Eating is more like work, which can take a mental toll on the body. Every bodybuilder needs to be very careful of each and every ounce of food that they are eating and what they are eating. Frank Zane was one of the most calculated and logical bodybuilding legends who curated the best methods of nutrition and exercise.

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The ‘God of Aesthetics’ always maintained a jacked and chiseled physic with proper empirical research. He was also known as the Chemist because he was a chemistry and math teacher for 13 years before he started pursuing bodybuilding. The 81-year-old always shares his pearls of wisdom with the bodybuilding fans. And this time he said something about dieting.

Frank Zane talks about superfoods


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Frank Zane always gives important advice about exercise as well as nutrition in his Instagram posts. He also talks about the mind and body connection, which is essential for bodybuilding. This time he talked about superfoods, which Schwarzenegger also mentioned in one of his newsletters.

Zane uploaded a black-and-white picture of his amazing physique from when he was younger. A picture was a caption related to dieting. It said, “I don’t really look up on anything as a superfood. I just follow a balanced diet. I get more protein in my diet than carbs, and I don’t get a lot of fat in my diet. I’ve been following this diet for quite some time.”

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He has also shared in a podcast that with age, the kind of foods that a person eats changes and needs to change. At the current age of 81, the IFBB who defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr. Universe, does not eat red meat and eats fish more than other foods. The three-time Mr. Olympia had also previously shared about the right amount of carbs that should be in a diet.

Frank Zane’s take on carbs


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Zane has a daily blog where he previously answered the question of how much carbs are perfect for a balanced diet. This common question is the most asked query of fitness enthusiasts. Zane starts his blog by writing, “The amount of carbohydrates you eat daily has everything to do with how you look and how you feel. Want to lose body fat? Eat less carbs. What to feel better? Eat more carbs. What to do?”

The 81-year-old gave a detailed breakdown of the amount of nutrients that are needed in a balanced diet. Zane described that a person who has 170 pounds bodyweight would require 170 grams of protein, 170 grams of carbohydrates, and 75 grams of fat. He further wrote in his blog, “It’s important to eat enough carbs to make yourself feel good with enough energy for training and thinking straight. Strenuous carb-cutting should only be done when it’s necessary to shed body fat”. 


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