Still Recovering From Injury, Kevin Hart Breaks Internet With His Fitness Goals: “It Ain’t About The Fall, It’s About The Get Up”

In the arena of bodybuilding, more often than not, entities end up hurting themselves or getting grave injuries. The intensity of this phenomenon can range from minor scratches to something as terrific as a life threat. On top of that, the physical degradation also brings down the mental strength of the bodybuilders. It becomes extremely important for such victims to take responsibility for one’s own mentality and hence try to elevate themselves as much as possible.

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The American comedian and actor who is highly influential in the entertainment industry has had an appalling injury. Instead of staying Idle with lost motivation, the 44-year-old comedian preaches immeasurable life lessons.

Kevin Hart expresses his philosophy even in hard times


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A few weeks ago Kevin Hart had a massive injury. In a 40-yard dash race against Stevan Ridley, he ended up tearing his lower abdomen and adductor muscles. Although Hart’s high spirits seem to help him get better soon, his presence in the wheelchair concerned the fans. In the latest Instagram video, he shares a snippet of him in the gym. Hart remarked, “It Ain’t About The Fall, It’s About The Get Up”.

Further, he insinuates that he is in fact rather glad that he ‘fell’, as he is able to navigate his own upliftment after that incident. Hart declared, “It ain’t about how you getting knocked down. It’s about how you get up. At the end of the day, it’s about the thing that drives you to be a better you.”

The video also attests to a sweet father-son moment recorded within the gym. Kevin’s initiation to teach his son valuable life lessons from such a tender age really constructs a firm ground for a great upbringing.


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Kevin Hart teaches his toddler a valuable lesson

Right after Kevin discloses his feelings towards the recent ‘fall’ he had, he says he loved it because it helped him surpass his older self. He tilts the camera to point at his toddler. He directs his son to start doing instant 10 push-ups as soon as he gives him a cue. Furthermore, Kevin Hart pronounced, grabbing the attention of his toddler that one should compete with themselves because others aren’t worth competing with. He also dictated, “Make it do what it did. Because it didn’t do it when it was it waste.”

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Kevin Hart’s wheelchair announcement had taken the fans aback. Concerned as they were about his injury, the comedian gets back on his feet only to update the audience that he is in ever so hyped up spirit as before. What do you think of his “Saturday Morning Motivation”? Let us know in the comments below.

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