Still Lifting Mind-Numbing Weights at 54, Legendary Bodybuilder Shares an Effective Chest-Building Exercise Deemed Weak by Many

More than a ripped body at the age of 54, the bold and fearless nature describes Mike O’Hearn quite well. He is a man with incredible resilience and great devotion to his work, which is bodybuilding. With a thriving career of several years, he has nurtured the same discipline and fitness regimen that makes him unique and apart from the rest of the world. His day-to-day training sessions on the internet reflect his online popularity among fans. 

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The accomplished model also harbors a friendly rapport with other legendary figures as well such as – Ronnie Coleman. It really breaks the internet when these icons from the two different generations come together to teach the audience an effective set of exercises designed to strengthen every body part. Most of the time, O’Hearn and Coleman are seen together in the online world. But this time Mike is without Ronnie and seems engaged in his effective chest workout.

Mike O’Hearn Chest Workout – Age is just a number at 52


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O’Hearn with groundbreaking success in the fitness world, has highlighted the importance of the Smith machine mainly for the chest workout. In his recent YouTube video, we see him boosting his chest muscles with other fellow fitness enthusiasts. According to him, today’s generation doesn’t seem to be giving much preference to the Smith machine and many consider it a weak way of doing chest training. 

Showing a bit of his criticizing nature, he said, “Smith machine is a great machine to use um mostly in today’s society I don’t know why uh most people or strong guys go away from the Smith machine uh it’s a weak exercise listen guys you do a lot more weak things than this so jump this in there.” 

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Expressing his desire for the chest workout on the Smith machine, he continued further,  The 4-time powerlifting champion also said,when you’re training at this stage most people which I agree with don’t train heavy that last week before the show I’m on stage tomorrow so this is one of those things where again I like doing it this way and I’ve been able to do it well enough.” Besides this, a few weeks ago, the fitness champ shared his fitness tips to train specific muscles.


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Mike O’Hearn incredible fitness tip to power the knee muscle

Like always, he posted a video on his YouTube channel where he disclosed about amazing tips to power muscles. According to O’Hearn, the knee muscle or hamstring is an important part that should be trained to make it more robust. In the video, the champ said, “I have discovered through uh the years of judging and being in the health and fitness world the hamstrings are so much more important for two reasons. One is that’s where the real athletic ability comes from the glutes and hams relative to the quads and then also for life and longevity.”

He further added, “You’re going to want to keep a solid rear end and hamstring strength as you age that’s going to keep the knees healthy on the back side coming forward so that’s just something I wanted you guys to pick up on.”


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Despite being 54, the bodybuilding icon underlines the significance of an impactful chest exercise considered weak by many. What’s your take on this? let’s know below.

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