Still Jacked at 50, Bodybuilding Legend With 4 Mr. Olympia Titles Disclose His Anti-Aging Secret

Age, as many say, is just a number. For bodybuilding legend and four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler, this phrase couldn’t be more accurate. As he celebrates the golden milestone of 50, Cutler remains an icon of vitality, strength, and lean muscle mass. But what keeps him in this prime state as he reaches a half-century?

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Recently, the bodybuilding legend provided a glimpse into his secret. Through an enlightening story on his Instagram account, Cutler shared that the effective management of blood sugar levels has been paramount in preserving his youthful vigor and health.

The three pillars of blood sugar management by Jay Cutler


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In the story shared on Cutler’s Instagram account, Cutler pinpoints three specific practices that have significantly influenced his blood sugar management. First and foremost among these is high-volume training. He noted, “High volume training which burns off blood glucose”

By immersing himself in high-volume training routines, Cutler facilitates the efficient burning of blood glucose. However, such training demands intense energy, which the body derives from the glucose in the bloodstream. This method ensures that blood sugar levels remain stable, preventing any unwanted spikes.

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Secondly fasted cardio is on his list. Cardio, especially when performed without prior food intake, can dramatically enhance insulin sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity allows the body to process glucose more effectively, ensuring that blood sugar levels remain regulated. While rigorous exercise and training methodologies play a crucial role in blood sugar management, it’s essential not to overlook other influential factors. One such aspect is body composition, which can have a profound effect on how our bodies handle glucose.

The role of body fat in blood sugar regulation in bodybuilding


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Beyond training, Jay Cutler underscores the critical role of body composition in blood sugar control. “Keeping body fat levels low year round, which is essential for healthy blood sugar regulation”. Specifically, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a low body fat percentage year-round. A correlation exists between higher body fat percentages and decreased insulin sensitivity.

Furthermore, this connection implies that those with more body fat may find it challenging to manage their blood sugar effectively. By keeping his body fat low, Cutler circumvents this potential issue, fortifying his body’s ability to regulate glucose levels seamlessly.


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In a realm rife with transient trends and myths, Cutler’s methods are refreshingly grounded in scientific knowledge. His strategy emphasizes essential, proven practices rather than fleeting fads. His approach not only celebrates the achievements of a stellar bodybuilding career but also underscores a profound commitment to holistic health and longevity.

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