Still in His Physical Peak, 54 Yo Mike O’Hearn Reveals Why “Majority of the Youth” Fails to Make It That Far in Life

Mike O’Hearn’s recent activity on his social media handle has been the talk of the town! His contribution to the fitness world is not only praiseworthy but also everlasting. The fitness legend has managed to make it to the top with his incredible wisdom and talent. The greatest part is that it has an unfading influence on his millions of fans and followers that doesn’t let him struggle to stay in the limelight as fame and appreciation come to him automatically & effortlessly. 

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The bodybuilding icon has shared a cordial relationship with one of his bodybuilding fellows, Ronnie Coleman. As he never leaves a chance to be in the public eye with his consistent training and workout sessions, he never fails to answer his fan’s question which has a hook for him. That’s how he manages his online presence, but what is a question he thought would be worthy of his reply?

Mike O’Hearn addresses the majority with his one reply


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In a recent Instagram story, the renowned bodybuilding face, Mike O’Hearn seems to be answering one of his fans’ questions. With the objective of grabbing many eyeballs, the fitness enthusiast O’Hearn picked a question from a social media comment section that he considered suitable to address the majority of people. 

The question he was asked by someone is “what can you advice in general to young men in the audience?” And in response to the question, he said, “Be consistent but unfortunately, the majority of the youth want to hear there’s a trick to the process or fast-track. ” “That’s why only a very small percent make it.” he continued further. 

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The post he shared along with the question also mentioned encouraging words from him. “Try the best you can to start and stop looking for a trick.” The context of his reply is clearly comprehensible. Through his post, he got across his message quite well to his audience. He believes that no such thing as called shortcut or fast-track fitness formula exists and that desired results can be driven without patience, hard work, and perseverance. Before aiming for something and putting effort into achieving it, one needs to be visionary and patient.  

According to him, bodybuilding is more than contracting muscles or gaining bulks. It’s not exactly something that is practiced in the gym but it is something preserved in the later days of one’s life. His wisdom about bodybuilding caught the public attention.


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Bodybuilding is more than aiming for a ripped body

Mike O’Hearn is a fitness fitness and he is known for sharing fitness knowledge in and around the world. Recently, he appeared in an interview with Johnsrud where he talked about fitness’s crucial role in the upcoming days than now. 

Similarly, recently, he spoke about the gym’s role in preparing our body for being strong. In an Instagram video shared by O’Hearn, He said, “The hardworking you put in the gym, may or may not win Mr. Olympia or a show. But what it’ll do is win life. Hard work will set you up for life.” 


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Through his recent Instagram post, Mike O’Hearn Unearthed the fact that the majority of youth look forward to the quickest formula to achieve fitness results. However, no such thing exists. The legend advises his followers to be consistent. What’s your take on this? Let’s know below.

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