“Still Hanging In There”: Despite 12 Surgeries That Landed Ronnie Coleman in Wheelchair, the 8X Olympia Winner Has an Undying Love of Bodybuilding (2019)

In the world of bodybuilding, it is quite common for bodybuilders to have pledged all of their lives to the sport. The bodybuilding legends of all time, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, God of Aesthetics Frank Zane, and even Ronnie Coleman, had been spending all of their lives dedicated to improving their physique at first, and now helping others do the same.

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The eight-time Mr. Olympia title holder, Ronnie Coleman, is undoubtedly one of the greatest men in his niche. Coleman defines what goals are and how to achieve them. With his long list of accomplishments, he thus ventures to talk about how he still is quite active in the industry.

Ronnie Coleman’s resilience disregards all complications


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About 3 years ago, Ronnie Coleman was featured in an interview with @Valuetainment. In the video shared on their YouTube channel, Coleman was reported to be asked about how the goals in his life had played out. He retorted that he never considered stopping with his goals. Coleman proudly pronounced, “As far as working out goals you know I never ever ever stopped to the day.”

Coleman confessed starting as early as only at 12 years of age. He then professed, “I stared and stopped you know, after what 12 surgeries, I’m still hanging in there with all the pain and everything.”

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Coleman, despite being a thoroughly passionate bodybuilder, had another profession. He thus explained how he managed to have two physically draining jobs.


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Ronnie Coleman’s two favorite things that he took up as his professions

When Patrick asked Coleman how he coped with jobs, he replied in a calm yet assuring tone. He disclosed loving both the things he was involved in. Thus, he replied, “I was doing two things that I love doing.” Then he added that his other profession as a policeman still interests him, but unfortunately he cannot continue it. He confessed, “If I could have done the police work until now I would have really yeah.”

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Bodybuilding is not a sport that should be taken up for any other reason besides that of passion. Ronnie Coleman becomes one of the most prominent examples who has shown the power of passion to the world. Despite working in the police department, he had achieved the Mr. Olympia title, not once or twice, but 8 times in his entire lifetime. Do you feel like any other bodybuilder compares to Ronnie Coleman in the same light? If yes, then do let us know in the comments.

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