Still Carrying a Superjacked Physique at 50, Jay Cutler Reveals the Secret to Protecting “Most Injury-Prone Joint in the Body”

Bodybuilding is a sport that is often exposed to injuries that lead to critical surgeries, and it is always better to take good prevention and have extensive research before delving deep into it. Jay Cutler is an unparalleled force when it comes to the realm of bodybuilding because of his exceptional feats of strength, and an absolutely muscular and aesthetic physique, recently shared one such helpful insight that might help the next generation of athletes.

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The legendary bodybuilder does not keep his knowledge confined to himself, rather uses his social media platforms to share all the learnings he has acquired with years of training and experimenting. He revealed a secret that helps protect a joint that is the most susceptible to getting injured.

Jay Cutler talks about the most injury-prone joint in the body


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One of Jay Cutler’s fan pages on YouTube, @JayCutlerTV recently took to their official channel and shared a short video, where Cutler is seen talking about the joint in the body that has the most chance of getting injured. He says, “Shoulders are probably the most injured prone joint in the whole body.”

He goes on to explain how it is very important to keep them protected at all costs, otherwise, it might end up causing trouble while you make an attempt to train your arms and back. He gives out the secret to how he has managed to keep his shoulder injury-free by doing isolateral exercises.

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Cutler added, “I performed a lot of isolateral movements to get development, especially in the bodybuilding show. You have to have everything proportionate and symmetrical.” Cutler once even took to initiative to highlight the importance of taking care of the heart while one is in the sport of bodybuilding.

Jay Cutler talks about ensuring a healthy heart

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Jay Cutler once shared about keeping cardiovascular health in check in his newsletter as he spoke about having a proper diet. Taking to the increasing number of deaths in the community, due to lack of attention, he raised an important question, “How can you put heart health first to try and support longevity?”


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He shared 3 tips in order to have a healthy heart – Omega 3s. He also mentioned that consuming Omega 3s is one of the easiest steps that help in balancing cholesterol and also controls inflammation. He wrote, “If you’re eating a lot of meat then your Omega 6 intake will be high, so having a bias towards Omega 3s with your supplements is a great idea. I personally like 3-6g per day. Avoid Low Quality Fats.” Share your thoughts on the advice of Jay Cutler with us in the comments section below!

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