“Step in the Right Direction”: Amidst Enormous Backlash Over Visa Troubles, IFBB’s Huge Change in Mr. Olympia’s Qualification Meets Tremendous Response

In the world of bodybuilding, qualifying for the prestigious Mr. Olympia has always been an achievement of paramount importance. Over the years, the selection criteria for this esteemed event have seen minor tweaks. Recently, a significant announcement from Mr. Olympia LLC took the bodybuilding community by storm.

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The prestigious Mr. Olympia, known for its intense competition and coveted titles, has always been at the forefront of setting standards in the bodybuilding arena. However, the organization’s recent Instagram post provided clarity on the matter.

Ensuring global representation of bodybuilding


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Historically, the top 5 finishers in the Mr. Olympia division enjoyed automatic qualification for the subsequent year’s event. However, after extensive discussions with the IFBB Pro League, a pivotal decision was made. Starting this year, only the top 3 finishers in the Mr. Olympia division will clinch this privilege. A primary reason behind this bold move is to infuse more star power into the myriad of Olympia qualifier events scattered globally.

The change essentially decentralizes the focus from the top and diversifies the competition, making regional events more attractive and competitive. Mr. Olympia and the IFBB seem to be in perfect harmony regarding this decision. Jake Wood, Olympia owner, expressed that the move was endorsed wholeheartedly by the IFBB Pro League. The shared goal is evident: to bolster events across all tiers, ensuring an inclusive and dynamic bodybuilding ecosystem.

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Notably, this alteration doesn’t solely affect the Mr. Olympia division. It has now become a blanket rule, meaning the top 3 from all Olympia divisions will be the ones receiving an automatic ticket to the following year’s main event. As the ripples of this decision spread across the bodybuilding community, the reactions were swift and powerful.

A resounding echo from fans


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Social media was soon flooded with reactions, predominantly echoing positive sentiments. One user exuberantly commented, “Love this guys. More ppl got to compete now.” The sentiment reflects the broader perception that this change might open the gates for a larger pool of competitors. Another fan remarked, “Step in the right direction. Personally I think only the reigning Mr. O and past Mr. O should auto requalify.” This comment underscores a widely held belief that laurels should not rest on past glory but must be consistently earned.

“I love it. Make them compete,” said another, emphasizing the desire to witness top-tier competition among the best. Ensuring only the best get a shot at the title. “Next level planning, Jake!” was another noteworthy shoutout, praising the strategic move. Among the feedback, there were suggestions too. One fan expressed, “Bring back the point system. It will help the shows be even more competitive.” This might hint at the community’s appetite for further reforms, ensuring a continually evolving competitive landscape.


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This change might be the breath of fresh air the bodybuilding community sought. The move not only reinforces the value of the Mr. Olympia title but also emphasizes the importance of every stage that leads to it. Amidst challenges and backlashes, this step is undeniably being hailed as a move in the right direction.

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