“Started to Feel Really Flat and Really Tired”: After Dropping to Less Than 5% Body Fat, Chris Bumstead Refuels His Body Without Worrying About Mr. Olympia for Once

The sport of bodybuilding is extremely challenging and requires unyielding dedication. The four times Mr. Olympia Classic Champ Chris Bumstead frequently shared insightful videos with his followers. He’s been updating his fans about his regular life, from his exercises to what food he’s been consuming. In his latest video, he advocated the significance of a well-structured plan, weight management, and the urge to start early.

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Recently, he posted a video on his YouTube channel with a caption that reflects his diet and workout regimes. In the video, he talked about his carbs intake, and afterward; he pleased his fans with a back-day drill.

Chris Bumstead shows his certainty ahead of Mr. Olympia


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Bumstead emphasized in his video the need to take advantage of this crucial time before the Olympia to have a significant course of meals without thinking about the main event that is scheduled in the first week of November.

Moreover, the 28-year-old opines on his own weight and food intake, “My weight wasn’t dropping like crazy right now but I started to feel really flat and really tired and we’re about 5 weeks out so this is like my last chance to jam a bunch of food in me and not worry about being put back a day or two.” He continued and said, “Because we’re not getting into grind time yet so if I can tell anyone anything stay lean in your offseason and start prep earlier.” He shed light on maintaining a balance is crucial in bodybuilding where most athletes bulk up in the offseason and train not long before the contest.

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However, while delving deep into the harmony, the Canadian bodybuilder showed his concern over his weight loss ahead of Mr. Olympia. He exemplifies that if he waited until the very end to lose a lot of weight, it could affect his body proportion.


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Bumstead set a reasonable goal for his weight

In his words, “I also just I just didn’t want to cram trying to lose 30-40 lbs because it’s just really bad for your body to lose like 50-40 lbs of weight and muscle to try and make weight, and weight caps was 240 so 260 265 with my weight cap my Peak weight this year 20 25 lbs.”

While managing his own weight for this year’s competition, CBum set a reasonable goal for himself. He clarified that he’s maintained within 20-25 pounds weight throughout the year. As he was confident that he would defend his title for the fifth time, with that same sheer determination he said regardless of his weight, “I can pull that off in 16 weeks no problem.”


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What do you think of him being so confident about his abilities to maintain his weight and winning the coveted title for the fifth time? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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