“Started to Feel Like Bullsh*t: After Partnering With Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Upset Due to a Major Business Loophole in 1996

Arnold Schwarzenegger donned multiple hats flawlessly. Apart from being a legendary bodybuilder, action superstar and politician, the 76-year-old is also a shrewd businessman. From starting a brick business in his twenties with Franco Columbu to joining hands with Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis for the Planet Hollywood restaurant franchise, Schwarzenegger always kept his entrepreneurial zeal alive.

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In his autobiography, Total Recall, Schwarzenegger discussed in detail his role in the success of the Planet Hollywood chain while spilling beans on an instance where he was upset about a loophole.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Planet Hollywood’s shortcomings


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The Austrian Oak was born in 1947 to an underprivileged family. Growing up as a child, Arnie wanted to achieve great heights. So, he never missed an opportunity to become successful and earn money. The $450 millionaire revolutionized the business arena in the 1990s by joining the Planet Hollywood franchise. The restaurant chain is unique as it is based on a Hollywood theme, where fans can find movie superstars at the restaurants.

In 1996, the franchise signed deals to expand in Asia and the Middle East, but Schwarzenegger was not impressed as it would be difficult for Hollywood superstars to be present in every Planet Hollywood restaurant worldwide. So, fans couldn’t find them dining there. “I kept telling Robert and Keith that this was a mistake. They were losing their grip on the central concept. If you went to Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills, you really might see Arnold. If you went to the one in Paris, you really might see beloved French film star Gerard Depardieu,” stated Arnie in his book. 

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But if you went to the Planet Hollywood in Indianapolis, would you see Bruce Willis having lunch? It started to feel like bullsh*t. We couldn’t deliver on that promise,” Arnie complained. However, with the Austrian Oak’s intervention, Planet Hollywood managed to not lose on its theme. This wasn’t the first time Schwarzenegger led a business on the profit path.

The Austrian Oak’s successful mail-order business


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The bodybuilding icon never stuck to one means to make money. During his bodybuilding days, Schwarzenegger would conduct seminars for $500 at the Gold’s gym. He later ventured into a mail-order business. Schwarzenegger used to write articles for Joe Weider, which he later turned into a mailing business.

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Arnie sold limited editions of these booklets on training the chest, calves, back, and arms. Each booklet was sold at $1-2, and the whole bunch would cost $15-20. Soon, the Governator was churning millions out of the business while competing on the bodybuilding stage. However, now Arnie promotes his fitness newsletter free of cost.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s business acumen was top-notch, which helped him to become a millionaire in his twenties. But he never left his craft of bodybuilding and cinema despite being involved in business ventures. What do you think of Schwarzenegger’s vision? Let us know in the comments below.

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