Standing by Women Who Are Victims of Harassment, CEO of Gym Positivity Joey Swoll Calls for a ‘Stop’ to ‘Narcissism’

Joey Swoll always calls out toxic behavior both inside and outside the gym. He learned to be a good human and help the world from his mother, who recently faced a heart attack. The bodybuilding and social media star uploads adorable videos as well, but when it is time to call someone out, he does not shy away from that. Recently, he made people understand the thin layer between attention-seeking and being harassed.

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Swoll uploaded a video about a woman who claimed that she was being harassed by a man. However, after Swoll explained the video, the situation was cleared out for the audience.

Joey Swoll calls out a woman stretching on the road


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The CEO of Gym Positivity posted a video on X, that showed a woman wearing gym clothes, but not inside the gym. She was standing on the main road on a sidewalk and doing her morning stretch in front of a busy road. A truck happened to pass by, and the man inside the truck glanced at her since she had her tripod and camera all set up. However, she claimed that he was harassing her by staring at her and not minding his own business. She went on to write, “Here I am minding my own business until these men in a van. I drive past and both stare directly at me as they drive past. To some people, just reading that will seem like “What’s the big deal”, but anyone experienced. “That look’ will know. EXACTLY how I felt. It’s intimidating and it made me feel so self-conscious”.

However, Swoll had a different opinion and captioned the video by writing, “The narcissism needs to STOP. You are making a mockery of real victims of harassment.” He also gave his word through the same video clip on Twitter, and accused the woman of narcissism. At first, the bodybuilding star acknowledged the fact that women are harassed and have faced uncomfortable incidents in their lives, but according to him, this case was different. He said, “You say this man is staring at you. He is not staring at you! He glances at you for a literal second. You are stretching your arms in the air and you have an entire film production set up. And he glances at you as he drives by.” 

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Swoll uses the term “situational awareness to describe the incident. He also acknowledges that women face uncomfortable scenarios on the road and expresses his anger because of it. Swoll finishes the video by saying, “This video is a slap in the face to women that truly are victims…You need to do better and mind your own business.” He makes a clear distinction between an actual scenario of harassment and someone else who is just trying to gain attention. 

Swoll continues to talk about such issues. Recently, he had called out a man for his usage of gym space.

Joey Swoll called out a man for hogging gym space


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The 40-year-old fitness influencer uploaded a video where a man was trying to stop other people from using gym equipment. Swoll uploaded the clip with the caption, “You 100% can’t do this at the gym or treat people this way. You don’t own it!”

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The man uploaded a video where he was filming himself, working out when another gym bro asked him whether he could use the squat rack. The man in question blatantly refused, even when he was not using it. The gym bro further asked, “You guys squatting?” and the man then clarified, “If I tell you I’m using it, I’m using it.”

Swoll was not happy about this and said, You’re 10,000% wrong in this video.” He clarified further saying, “He set up his tripod to film himself next to a squat rack, while he is on the glued machine. To act as if he was using it so we could hog it and try to reserve it to use it next. You can’t do that in the gym.


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Swoll has an interesting perspective on maintaining a positive attitude inside the gym as well as outside. He is trying to make the environment less toxic and comfortable for every individual respective of any societal labels. What do you think of his opinions? Let us know in the comments below.

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