“Sort of Starving”: Nightmarish About “Shirtless” Scene, Chris Pratt Went to Extreme Lengths to Get Jacked for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

One of Hollywood’s most famous wrestlers turned actors, Chris Pratt, has taken over the superhero domain by being the Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Pratt is a multitalented actor and athlete who was not only a famous wrestler but also a football player in his high school years. However, he was never a bodybuilder and needed to work hard to gain the chiseled physique needed to play the superhero.

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The now-son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his ordeal of gaining the muscles for the 2014 movie on the David Letterman show and revealed something shocking.

Chris Pratt had to starve for the role


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While talking to David Letterman on the talk show about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the Jurassic World actor revealed his training regime for gaining the physique of a superhero. The Star Lord’s candid confession about his hard training reveals the lengths he went to, to look as perfect on screen as possible. He needed to change his whole routine to play Peter Quill. Letterman confessed that when he went to the theater, he thought he was inside the wrong movie hall and assumed, “It must be Hercules.” The famous host asked how he did it.

Chris admitted, “Well, there is some airbrushing and a lot of sit-ups and sort of starving yourself knowing that you had a shirtless scene coming up.” So Peter Quill’s shirtless scene was not an easy shot since the actor had to starve himself to look aesthetic on screen. Chris Patt said that he had a “team of trainers” who used to track every inch of his body for the perfect physique needed in the movie.

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Pratt also confessed that he was the first choice for the role, but he had another difficult job. The actor said, “The biggest thing I had to do was try to convince them that I could get physically, so a big part of it was just trying to capture the aesthetic.” The Parks and Recreation actor also took cues from a bodybuilder other than his father-in-law for GOTG Vol. 3.

Chris Pratt relies on an unknown bodybuilder rather than his father-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Everyone would expect the father of three to depend on Arnold Schwarzenegger for fitness and bodybuilding advice, but he shocked everyone. The Star-Lord has always been open-minded and seeks other people’s opinions. This time, he took the advice of an unknown bodybuilder for his role as Peter Quill.

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The bodybuilder advised the actor to embrace a different method and concentrate on changing his water weight along with carbohydrate consumption to get a jacked physique. The process of dehydration, which is used in competitive bodybuilding, helped Pratt gain the desired outcome.


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To produce the best possible look, the American actor did not leave any stone unturned and worked hard. The playful and bubbly movie star successfully transformed his body, and his determination is commendable. What do you think?

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