Soon to Go Blind, Woman Athlete Competed in Bodybuilding Against All Odds to Raise Awareness and Inspire Millions

The fitness and bodybuilding community always has inspiring stories of athletes who do not stay home and dwell over their inabilities. There have been many highly motivated individuals who inspired the world of fitness. One such extraordinary sportsperson is Jessica Parsell, a bodybuilder who influences people with her sheer dedication. She has earned respect in the realm of bodybuilding for her jaw-dropping success.

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Parsell began her bodybuilding career in 2013. Since her childhood, she has been a sports enthusiast and played sports at her school. But her destiny had other plans for her and an unfortunate turn of events changed her life completely.

Despite having a visual impairment, Jessica Parsell kept at it


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Olympia TV shared her amazing story on their YouTube channel. Parsell was just 14 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease. At first, she didn’t understand the intensity of her problem, but soon she realized she wouldn’t be able to drive because of the condition. She was diagnosed with Stargardt disease.

Parsell revealed that when she and her family were coming back from the doctors she was upset that she was missing a volleyball game, “I could tell how upset my parents were and that’s kind of when it hit me like oh they just told me that I have an eye disease and that I’m slowly going to lose my vision. ”

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Despite the obstacles, she refused to let them pull her down. She was confident that things would change for the better. “In 2013 I did my first bodybuilding bikini division competition which was so fun and that for me was just I don’t know the biggest confidence boost ever..” said the mother of one.

With sheer dedication, she inspired the world


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With her incredible strength and prowess, she battles all the odds and makes a name for herself in the industry, which was believed to belong to men only. “It taught me a lot about myself and that I was capable of doing things. Bodybuilding was just an empowering sport for me,” said Parsell in the video. She hasn’t competed since 2019, and last year she had her first baby. So, she’s taking some time off from the competitive arena and enjoying her motherhood now.

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Throughout her life, she faced her visual impairment with incredible bravery and determination. Jessica Parsell’s journey is a reminder for all of us to believe in ourselves. Her astounding spirit not only led her into the fitness industry, but she also founded Macular Adventure, an organization that supports people with similar conditions.


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