Son of Veteran Bodybuilder Explains His ‘Clean Slate’ Mindset Ahead of Facing His Nigerian Rival in Mr. Olympia 2023: “Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Gonna Cry Politics”

Bodybuilding‘s most esteemed competition, the Mr. Olympia 2023, is about to begin soon. Before the competition, there has been a lot of tension and debate about who will grab the coveted title. Discussions and debates are being held both offline and in the online world, with fans’ reactions adding more intrigue to the build-up. On the other hand, be it a legend with a major record or an aspiring bodybuilder with the biggest dreams, everyone is gearing up hard to register a victory in the competition.

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Among aspiring bodybuilders, the son of a veteran bodybuilder got the limelight with his recent interaction with fans. During the interaction, ahead of the competition, he showcased his passion and energy while opening up about his thought processes as he looked to lift the Sandow trophy at the prestigious event.

Labrada reveals how he feels ahead of Mr. Olympia  


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Hunter Labrada is the son of the IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada. He rose to fame when he finished seventh in Mr. Olympia 2022. With his ripped body and devotion, he has captured the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. Now, the winner of Chicago Pro 2021 has his eyes on the upcoming Olympia. Recently, he appeared in an interview with Fouad Media. During the interview, he was asked about his mindset for the competition. 

In responding to the question which also included his rivalry with Nigerian bodybuilder Andrew Jacked, who had beat him at the Texas Pro, Labrada said, “I have a very very you know, positive clean mindset heading into the Olympia because in my mind it’s a clean slate you know I am never ever ever ever gonna cry politics or this or that.” 

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He called his mind a blank slate that has nothing written on it in terms of politics or injustice in the competition. Earlier, the bodybuilder had talked about how he was looking forward more to exploring his potential at the Mr. Olympia, rather than putting all his focus on just winning the title.


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Hunter Labrada is curious to know his optimum potential 

Despite securing seventh place in Mr. Olympia 2022, the 31-year-old bodybuilder is interested in exploring his peak rather than winning the title. In an interview with Serious and Silliness Bodybuilding, Labrada revealed, “I will say this. I’m not focused on going back to the Olympia and wrecking the Olympia. The only thing in my mind right now that I want to come out of this year is I want to figure my peak out.


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The much-awaited Olympia is in its way and in the meantime, Hunter Labrada practices his poses every day with a positive attitude towards the competition. What do you think Labrada’s chances are for this year’s Olympia? Do you think Andrew Jacked will trump him again? Let us know in the comments below.

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