“Some Would Call It OCD”: 61-YO Legend With 6 Mr. Olympia Titles Revealed an Unknown Side of Him That No One Would Understand

Conquering a title in the most prestigious bodybuilding contest, Mr. Olympia takes a lot of courage, planning, and executing adherence. Bodybuilders who achieved their goals have been through these stages. The English legendary bodybuilder with six Olympia titles recently shared his secret, which helped him make his name in the realm of bodybuilding.

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Dorian Yates, who won the coveted Mr. Olympia six times in a row, unveils glimpses of his preparation for the competitions, which no one understood back then. He revealed in his latest post on Instagram with two photo dumps.

Three decades later, Yates revealed his mentality for prep


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These photos were taken during his competitive era. In the first picture, he’s showing off his gigantic upper body. In the second image, he posed as a warrior with a shield and sword flaunting his chiseled body. However, in his post, he wrote about the mindset he adopted before the contest. His approach was inspired by the General leading a military campaign. This attitude meant he meticulously planned, prepared, and secured everything in advance.


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The Shadow understood that many of his competitors might not be as prepared as he was. Some of them didn’t prepare enough or got distracted. To accomplish his goals, “I allowed no such thing, with an extremely blinkered mindset (some would call it OCD, I just called it being off-season or being on-prep!),” Yates said in his caption.

The 61-year-old legend mentioned further, “I would even ensure that I had up to 30% extra of everything I needed just in case of accidents, schedule changes, or just things getting lost.” Moreover, Yates’s ideology to prepare for the competition was extraordinary, even though he faced challenges during gym workouts.


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Dorian Yates, the master of his own destiny

According to Yates, he worked tirelessly in every workout to attain the best possible results. These were grueling and demanding trials that pushed him to his physical and mental boundaries. The Golden Era bodybuilder’s journey has been incredibly inspiring and motivational. Despite the obstacles he faced while growing up, he completely transformed his life with the right mindset of a ‘warrior’. Per his latest update and in many other appearances, he claimed “I was alone, the master of my success or my failure and that’s how I’ve always liked it!.”

Indeed, he was the master of his own fate, he talked about why he likes to prepare alone, and it is stunning to know that during his entire career, he never trained with a coach, he trained himself, he stated in one of his posts that, “Like I said before, I never had a coach. I wanted to do it myself and learn from my mistakes. I wanted to always keep myself accountable and not blame others. If something went wrong during my career, I held myself accountable and fixed the errors.” 


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