“Some Baggage You Gotta Deal With”: Accused of Using PEDs at 21, Sam Sulek Chastises Bodybuilding World for Neglecting an Essential Part of Training

21-year-old bodybuilding enthusiast and fitness influencer Sam Sulek has quickly gathered a loyal following of fans. Unlike other fitness content creators, Sulek isn’t very active on multiple social media platforms. Instead, the bodybuilder focuses on long-form YouTube videos and posts regularly. His focus on interacting with his audience has also garnered tons of engagement from fans.

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In his latest video, the bodybuilding enthusiast spoke to his subscribers while driving his car. Sulek informed everyone about what he had been up to and updated them on his latest workout. The former diver, whom multiple influencers have accused of using PEDs, also dished out some valuable bodybuilding advice. However, the youngster also calmly chastised fans and fellow bodybuilders for neglecting an essential part of muscle building.

Sam Sulek advocated for an aspect many bodybuilders avoid


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Near the end of the video, the 21-year-old bodybuilder talked about cardio. The bodybuilder claimed many don’t understand the importance of cardio and avoid it. “I really hope that you’re thinking about doing your cardio seriously,” said the former diver. He advised that people miss out on gains and performance by neglecting cardio.

“Can’t stress it enough. It’s a whole aspect of this lifting thing,” said the 21-year-old bodybuilding influencer. Sulek followed this with his experience. “Busting out of legit sweat right in the morning. I like it,” said the influencer. “It’s like taking your vitamins as a kid or when your parents tell you… to drink your whole glass of milk so you can grow up big and strong,” Sulek said.

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Sam Sulek then addressed those who know the impact cardio has on working out but still avoid it. “You know you should do it, but you’re just not. So I guess that’s a you problem, man,” he said. “That’s some baggage that you got to deal with yourself. I know I’m doing my cardio. We’ll just leave it at that,” added the 21-year-old. While Sulek’s advice about cardio might benefit many young lifters, veterans have pointed out an underlying issue.

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An impressionable audience of young bodybuilding enthusiasts

Several veteran online fitness influencers, including Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X, Greg Doucette, and more, have given their opinion on Sulek. Strength/Conditioning coach and physical therapist Jeff Cavalier said Sulek has built his monstrous physique “with heavy assistance of drugs.” IFBB pro and former powerlifting record holder Greg Doucette has the same opinion.

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In fact, Coach Greg has even pointed out the supposed side effects of steroid use on Sulek’s physique. He believes that the 21-year-old user has far higher doses than he should. These veterans and others are worried that seeing Sulek and his impressionable, young followers might lead them down a similar path of steroid-induced transformations.


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What did you think of Sam Sulek’s advice on cardio? Do you feel Sulek addresses the accusations of steroid use? Tell us in the comments.

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