“Slack Off “: Months After Predicting Tough Competition Ahead for Chris Bumstead, Bodybuilding Coach Disses Changes in Men’s Physique

Months after revolutionizing the rules in the Men’s Classic Physique division, The IFBB Pro League announced new rules for the Men’s division. The changes have been making a buzz in the bodybuilding community. Recently, IFBB pro coach Greg Doucette showed his concern about the new rules and he sure did sound outrageous about the changes.

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In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Doucette revealed his opinions about the new rules. Why isn’t it satisfying the coach with the changes?? Let’s find out!

Greg Doucette gives his honest opinion on IFBB’s new rules


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Earlier, IFBB Pro League Vice President Tyler Manion announced the new rules for the Men’s physique division through Instagram. He revealed that “the new Men’s Physique weight caps will be exactly 10 pounds below the current Classic Physique Pro-weight cap.”

In response to the new announcement, Doucette expressed his feelings toward the changes. He stated, “If you’re a guy in men’s classic physique is literally slack off on your leg training and you could compete in men’s physique and look exactly the same.” He explained that the new changes are bogus because in every division the contenders will look the same now, and nobody wants to see them that way, However, It will also affect their training as of now If these individuals skip leg day exercises it won’t harm them. The coach further said, “In the men’s categories they’re almost all identical small waist wide shoulders, more muscle than last time, you’re placing amazing.” Doucette, therefore, seemed really annoyed with the new rules.

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IFBB had announced new rules for every category

According to the Fitness Volt, in June of this year, IFBB decided to introduce new rules for the Men’s Physique division. These rules included limits on how tall and heavy competitors could be. However, they didn’t provide specific details about these limits at that time. A few days back, they shared the details of the weight and height required.

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Afterwards, Manion announced some changes to the weight limits for the Classic Physique division as well, while also making changes in the Wellness division, too. Fans are eager to see the effect these new rules will have on the world of bodybuilding. What do you think of these fresh changes in bodybuilding? Will they have an impact on the sport? Who do you think will benefit from this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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