“Since 40 Life’s Been a Lot Better”: Despite Winning 4 Olympia Titles and Making Millions in the Way, 50 YO Jay Cutler Opens Up on Enjoying His Latter Phase of Life More

Jay Cutler had a legendary bodybuilding career with 4 Mr. Olympias and even the Vanderbilt Athletics Hall of Fame. Cutler was always a hard-working man. The bodybuilding legend has seen a lot of hardships in his early life and started working at his brother’s construction company at the tender age of 11. Although he had been logging bricks most of his time as a youngster, he did not start lifting the iron before he was 18. At the age of 20, he won his first MPC competition, and since then Cutler has been unstoppable. After 30 years of a glorious career, the 50-year-old has retired but still is in connection with the bodybuilding world.

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Cutler who was Ronnie Coleman’s biggest rival, completed his Fit for 50 challenge smoothly and now is living a life of success and luxury. In a recent YouTube upload, he reminisced about his career and also showed his gratitude towards something else.

Jay Cutler is glad after retirement


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In the latest episode of Jaywalking, the OG athlete discussed the upcoming Mr. Olympia in 2023. He also reminisced back to his Olympia days and how it felt to compete in 13 Olympias in his career and win four of them. Halfway through the video he also takes his viewers into his house, and workspace when he shows his prized trophies and magazine covers collection.

While speaking about his career, and even about his colleagues, Cutler talked about how many of his colleagues like Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson retired from the sport. When he thought about his own life after competitions, he seemed content with it. Cutler said, “I can tell you that the life after is very enticing… It’s been much better than the competitive side. Like I can talk about all the great things that I went through…All this history.” Finally, he also shared that even if the journey was exciting, and the hardships were what brought him to this place in life, life after success is far better. Cutler added, “And honestly since 40 the life’s been a lot better.” 

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According to the Olympia winner, the hardest part for him was the ups and downs after he reached the pinnacle and his body was at its peak perfection. He also felt that after reaching the zenith by passing extreme hurdles, the excitement was gone, even if he was successful because challenges like Ronnie Coleman had retired. However, he is still thankful for the career he built, and that he is still connected to the bodybuilding world, imparting his knowledge. Cutler had also previously shared how his first Olympia in 1999 was a memorable one for several reasons.


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Jay Cutler walks down memory lane to the first Olympia

He had once narrated in a TikTok video about how the 1999 Olympia has a special place in his heart. He recalled that even though things did not go in his favor, the day was a memorable one. He said, “I felt like I was in the best shape of my life.”

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He also opened up about the huge sacrifices he had to make for global recognition. Cutler emphasized stepping out of one’s comfort zone and exploring difficult areas. “That’s about putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation to try to see what the outcome is going to be. Helps you become better sometimes,” he added in the post. 


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Despite the hurdles that Cutler faced in his life, perseverance bore fruit, and he became one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world. His journey is a testament to the fact that one should never give up until one reaches success, because after that there is relaxation and peace.

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