“Signature of a Female’s…”: Bodybuilding Superstar Jay Cutler Embarrassingly Reveals the ‘Strangest Request’ He Ever Received From a Fan

Undoubtedly, Jay Cutler is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. His sheer talent and kindness have won the hearts of people. They admire the 4x Mr. Olympia’s transparency about life. His own journey is incredibly motivating, but he was inspired by Chris Dickerson when he was just 12 years old. The picture of Dickerson flaunting his massive body on a magazine’s cover page attracted him the most. He never thought he would become a bodybuilder, but only wished to have a physique like that of Dickerson.

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However, with his commitment and dedication to the sport, he changed his life completely in a transformation from a fan to the inspiration of millions. Because of his popularity, the bodybuilder often travels to competitions and for guest posing at events. Sometimes these gatherings turn into surprising scenes and Cutler recently shared one such incident.

Jay Cutler shares a hilarious story


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Recently, Noel Deyzel, a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast, shared a short video with the bodybuilding icon. Deyzel was extremely excited as he had adored Cutler since childhood. He captioned this Instagram post by saying, “They say never meet your heroes but with Jay proved that wrong to me.”


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Meeting his idol was an amazing experience for him. He wrote, “Jay was a huge inspiration with me starting out. Even my mother knew everything about him just because I would stop talking”. Delving into a question-answer session, Deyzel asked Bodybuilding Beast, “What was the strangest interaction you’ve had with a fan?To which bodybuilding GOAT replied with a laugh, “Probably signatures of a female’s B***. But it’s funny because her boyfriend wanted me to sign them.”


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This baffling revelation of Cutler’s interaction with an insane fan was really embarrassing., figuring on the legend’s face while he answered Deyzel. Moving forward, the fitness influencer asked Cutler another question about his advice for those looking to get into bodybuilding.

Cutler’s ultimate advice to aspiring bodybuilders

At the end of this short clip, Deyzel asked Cutler what advice he would share with aspiring bodybuilders. The legend answered, Well, have a game plan, go to the gym with purpose. Don’t copy someone else, use your own abilities, and stay true to yourself.” The 4x Mr. Olympia winner’s advice therefore stressed the fact that it is imperative to train according to one’s abilities.


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Cutler often tries to motivate people by sharing his own life struggles. But before turning 50, he started a challenge for himself because he thought he was not in his best shape. And in just a year, he completely changed his physique. With his own remarkable journey, he allures the world. What are your thoughts on this incredible bodybuilder? Tell us in the comments below.

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