“She Needs a Companion”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Girlfriend Realized One of His Family Members Was Lonely and Immediately Fixed It

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s life is known for high-intensity movie fights, political rallies, and bodybuilding shows. However, at 76, his life is more about promoting fitness, narrating his life stories, and having fun with his pets. Arnie’s second family includes a miniature donkey, a pony, dogs, and a pig.

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The Austrian Oak’s miniature donkey, Lulu, and miniature horse Whiskey command a huge fan following on the internet, as netizens often request Arnie to post their videos. But it was his girlfriend who brought the donkey home.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spills the beans on Lulu


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Schwarzenegger’s morning routine starts with feeding oatmeal cookies to his pets. Lulu and Whiskey even visit the Governator in his office. The pair are so popular among Arnie’s fans that a movie is on the cards about the duo. However, having a donkey was not on the wish list of Schwarzenegger. “I never ever planned on having a donkey,” he confessed in a recent interview with 92nd Street Y.

It was his girlfriend for a decade, Heather Milligan, who gifted him a donkey so that his miniature pony, Whiskey, could have company. Spilling beans about Milligan, Arnie narrated, “She grew up with horses, and she said, you know, I think she needs a companion.‘” Heather brought Lulu to Schwarzenegger’s home, and Whiskey has been more than happy.

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One day I came home, and there was this miniature donkey, and together with Whiskey, with the miniature pony,” he revealed. Since their first meeting, Whiskey and Lulu have grown fond of each other, and Arnie likes it that way. “I was really happy about the whole thing,” he agreed in the interview. But why did Arnie adopt a horse in the first place?

Whiskey was Katherine Schwarzenegger’s pet


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Earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed how he started caring for the miniature pony Whiskey. His firstborn, Katherine Schwarzenegger, is into horseback riding and bought Whiskey for herself. “Whiskey is Katherine’s miniature horse, the miniature pony… When she had this animal, and it was everything to her,” Arnie opened up in the Literally! With Rob Lowe show.

But the author started dating Hollywood hero Chris Pratt, and things changed. “Then all of a sudden, she started dating, and then all of a sudden, guys were in, and the horses were out,” Schwarzenegger complained. So, Arnie built a stall at his place and brought Whiskey home.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger often expresses his love for these animals and takes good care of them. At 76, Arnie is living his best life with his second family and wants his fans to invest in pets. Don’t you think the idea is great? Let us know in the comments below.

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